Thursday , June 30 2022

Víctor Pecoraro is eliminated from A Fazenda 13 with 22.82% of the votes: A Fazenda


The Farm 13 ended with Victor Pecoraro! The pawn was eliminated from the competition in the live program this Thursday (14), with 22.82% of the vote. The actor lost the dispute over the public’s preference for Aline Mineiro and Gui Araujo in a vote held in

The formation of the fourth Roça took place on Tuesday (12). The night began with the opening of Lampião do Poder. Bil Araújo decided to keep the power of the yellow flame and guaranteed two immunities in the vote: his and that of another pawn. The model featured Dynho Alves. With the power of the red flame in his hand, Gui Araujo also had advantages: his vote weighed two.

After much speculation, the farmer Rico Melquiades named Gui Araujo to Roça. With seven votes, Aline Mineiro went for the seat. The actress took Victor Pecoraro da Baia. Dayane Mello was not rescued by any of the pedestrians and occupied the fourth stool to spend the night.

The model, in turn, vetoed Gui Araujo for not participating in the farmer’s test. After winning the hat-trick, Dayane Mello got rid of the popular vote.

During the confinement, Victor showed that he knows how to have fun, but he also sets fire to the hay when needed. The pawn faced one of the most tense moments of the season when he fought with Rico Melquaides and threw yogurt at the comic.

The actor was present in Baia and, along with Dayane Mello, was one of the pedestrians who stayed the longest in the room.

Victor also showed his strategic side in the match through his alliance with Bil Araújo.

Between games and strategies, Victor Pecoraro is the fourth eliminated pawn of the season.

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