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Working with Gabigol, athletics players justify the provocation and smell athletico-pr


The provocation after the game was not free, as midfielder Bruno Guimarães and defender Léo Pereira explained. The whole team was struggling with Gabigol, who, according to them, would have caused Athletico from the first match to Arena da Baixada when the teams tied 1-1.

The attack by Bruno Guimarães said that Gabigol would have said that the draw was a good result, since the game in Maracanã would be easy. He further claimed that the statement emerged as another motivating factor.

– Not only here (in Maracanã), but also (at the Baixada). He said that the draw would be good, because here it would be easy. When you win, you can do it, but when you lose, you have to accept it. But it was a healthy joke.

– He said something during the game he did not like, saying that the game was easy. We showed him that he was not, completed defense Léo Pereira.

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The Wellington driver did not confirm Gabigol's speech, but defended the athletic commemoration in Maracanã. According to him, "the joke was normal".

"This question said Gabigol, I do not know, I did not hear it. Now the question of joking is normal and there is no lack of respect. I think that is natural, it has no controversy. We have done a good game and we have celebrated the way we want

Coach Tiago Nunes did not refer directly to the celebration of Athletico players, but said he believes that it is a normal situation. He also recalled what games are done with the teams that are lost and evaluated that he gained strength because it is Flamengo, one of the most popular teams in the country.

Soccer is so annoying. We already took sliced, made jokes, we killed our chest. So good when the attackers were challenged … I think that everyone has the right to play, provided they have a limit. But I think it's even because of the natural visibility that Flamengo has.

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