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Ximbinha would betray his current wife with a dancer; learn more


Ximbinha (Play - TV Globo)
Ximbinha (Play – TV Globo)

After all the repercussions of separation Joelma, musicians Ximena he decided to restore his life to professional and personal, but he seems to have a difficulty to be faithful because, as he worked with the ex-wife, Ximbinha would betray the present woman Karen Kathlen.

Karen and Ximbinha (Photo: Reproduction Instagram)
Karen and Ximbinha (Photo: Reproduction Instagram)

According to columnist Leo Dias, Karen was the threshold of separation between Ximbin and Joelma. After completing her marriage, she decided to stay with the musicians and were married, however, she would commit to betraying the band. The roll between them started during a tour in the interior of Para.

After the discovery, Karen left the musician and returned a few days after meeting his request, where he had to release all the dancers and hire new girls.

Ximbinha rejects Jamel's allegations

This Sunday, the singer gave an interview to the Marie Claire magazine and found that her husband and partner, Calipso, had been attacking her for years. According to the published publication, the guitarist "lost control and reduced his frustration in the singer".

"He complained that they respected me professionally more than he was. It was angry" she said, who said that in the first attack, two years after they met, she spent three days locked in a hotel room. "I would feel embarrassed if they saw my face covered with bruises" … Learn more!

Shock machine

Joelma (Reproduction - Band)
Joelma (Reproduction – Band)

During a conversation with "Marie Claire," Joelma also discovered that he bought a shock machine "to defend himself against the charges of the former". "He wore it in a bag and did not drink it next to me. I should not use the machine with him." Check it out!

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