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10 herbs that strengthen the body – Curious


  • Herbal tea is a relaxing, low-calorie, relaxing drink that is also very good for health, as the herbs have been used for years to treat various ailments. In addition to their strong aroma, they are rich in antioxidants. Some studies show that the ingredients in certain teas can kill many bacteria and reduce the risk of infections. Antioxidant compounds have another important property: they reduce the amount of free radicals that damage the body’s cells and cause certain diseases.

Fight the cold with echinacea

Echinacea is widely used to treat the common cold. It is a potent herb that contains active substances that support the immune system and relieve pain in inflammation. Echinacea also has an antioxidant effect. The leaves and flowers of the plant contain polysaccharides (a substance known to activate the immune system).

Chamomile against insomnia

Chamomile is a very popular herb that is used all over the world. It calms the stomach, relieves bloating and helps with indigestion. Chamomile calms the mind and helps you relax and release tension. Some people are allergic to it and should avoid using it. If you have trouble falling asleep, a cup of chamomile tea at bedtime can give good results. It fights insomnia by calming the body and mind and allows a person to fall asleep naturally without the intervention of medication.

Mint for good digestion

This herb helps in better digestion. Mint is recommended for people with intestinal problems, gallstones, etc. A cup of mint tea will relieve nausea and vomiting. If you have a heartburn, do not drink mint tea as it can make your condition worse. It is also interesting that mint tea also relieves herpes. A good aroma is also an advantage that should not be overlooked. Mint tea will also help fight a mild cough and mild asthma and will certainly reduce your body’s stress level.

Lavender calms the mind and body

This decoction can also elevate your mood in case of edepression. It has been used for centuries for cosmetic and medical purposes. A cup of lavender tea calms the mind and body and leads to easy and peaceful sleep. Lavender helps treat flatulence, colic, intestinal infections and upset stomach. It can also be used to compress the chest and relieve cough, bronchitis, asthma, colds and other respiratory problems. Lavender tea can be used in children and adults to lower body temperature during fever. In addition, it has healing properties and is used to wash wounds, cuts and even ulcers.

Lemon balm protects the thyroid gland

Lemon balm tea is extremely effective in calming nerves and anxiety. Cold lemon balm tea sachets help relieve herpes and even genital ulcers caused by the Herpes Simplex virus. To treat anxiety, stress and insomnia, mix lemon balm tea with valerian. Lemon balm tea also helps regulate thyroid function. If you mix balm with mint, it will calm the stomach and digestive tract. Lemon balm tea is also good for memory, brain function and good humor.

Pink canes work wonders

Rose hips are one of the best sources of vitamin C, which is very important for the immune system, the health of the skin and tissues, as well as for adrenal function. Definitely don’t neglect rosehip when you decide to strengthen your health.

Green tea low in cholesterol

Green tea has many health benefits, and this recognition is received even by doctors. It reduces the risk of cancer and inhibits the carcinogen of smoking. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols that help eliminate free radicals, preventing the formation of tumors. Green tea lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels and therefore promotes good heart health. It lowers blood pressure and protects against caries and dental problems. Green tea is also good in fighting various viruses.

Hawthorn makes the heart healthy

The leaves, fruits and flowers of the hawthorn plant are used in various flavored teas. This plant is believed to contain flavonoids that help improve the health of the cardiovascular system and dilate blood vessels, which increases blood circulation and reduces stress. Hawthorn tea helps retain water by draining excess salt from the body.

Ginger gives us energy

Ginger is an energizing stimulant. Drinking ginger tea stimulates the proper functioning of the digestive system and at the same time calms. Ginger is extremely useful for people who are often nauseous. It is also useful for people with arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Nettle saves from joint pain

Nettle tea is made from nettle leaves. Despite its stinging abilities, its tea is one of the best natural remedies for protection against diseases such as anemia, high blood pressure, arthritis, rheumatism, coughs, colds, kidney and urinary tract infections and bladder problems.

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