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3 steps by which Ilean Mussk solves your problems


Up to 46 years old, Ilean Muss has founded 3 revolutionary multimillion-dollar companies in three different activity fields: Paypal, Tesla and Space X.

Sam says he works for 100 hours a week for 15 years and then reduces them to 85. Around the eccentric visionary they say they often miss lunch or eat, doing something like this – constantly responding to emails.

Without a doubt, work ethics plays an important role in becoming a professional you do. People like Muss, who has such a strict discipline, often present themselves creatively and are able to solve serious problems, writes Business Insider.

The method of Tesla's CEO to find a way out of a problem involves the average of 3 steps:

1. Identify the problem

When you face a difficult situation, write the ideas you think about your solution.

2. Divide the problem into its main parts

Begin by asking questions related to the problem.

"For example, if they tell me that the batteries are very expensive and that it will not change, I will ask the following questions:

What materials are the batteries composed of? What is the cost of these materials? I conclude that they contain cobalt, nickel, aluminum, carbon and other substances. And I ask again, if we buy these resources on the London Stock Exchange, how much will each of them cost? "

So, according to Muk, instead of following the belief that batteries are expensive, you have to ask questions to see if they are really expensive, and if so, why.

3. Create a solution from scratch

Once you have defined the problem and disassemble it, you will have to find a solution. The example of the eccentric visionary is as follows:

If you need to train 5 days a week for an hour, can you lose weight if you exercise less? The answer is yes, if you are doing workouts of 15 minutes, but more intense.

According to him, the same methods can be applied to any problem. If you divide the small elements that make up the analysis, the analysis will be easier and a solution can be found.

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