Saturday , July 24 2021

A complete failure of the new series with Ozcan Deniz


Ozcan Deniz with his screen partner Irem Helvadjoolu.

The series ends with a series of 13

The new series with famous Turkish actor and producer Ozcan Deniz “I’ve been waiting for you for so long” is coming to an end, Turkish media write quoting information from observer Birsen Altuntash.

According to widespread information, the project will end with Chapter 13. Manufacturers point to a low rating as the reason for closing the project.

The creators of the series position it as a project that differs from the standards, thanks to the unusual movements of direction.

The project now has just over 60,000 followers and the number of posts talking about the series on Facebook is growing every day, but the score on TV remains low.

With its first episode, “I’m waiting for you for so long” did not meet the expectations of the producers, as well as the main actor of the same – Ozcan Deniz, as he did not enter the top ten most watched TV shows .

Otherwise, the composition of the series is very strong. In addition to the main performers Ozcan Deniz and Irem Helvadjoolu, the project involves stars such as: Yildiz Kultur, Janer Shahin, Mustafa Ugurlu and others.

Let us not forget, however, that many Turkish series, which were not very successful in their native land, were very successful abroad.

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