Sunday , August 14 2022

Alena’s Horoscope: Perfectionism Benefits Twins, Unexpected Expenditures on Families with Cancer



Talking to business partners will help you find new ways to get out of the financial problems that have happened to you. Be careful with suggestions so as not to be fooled. Postpone business conversations related to your direct tasks so as not to create conflicts in the workplace, which will be difficult to resolve due to Mercury’s retrograde motion. In the afternoon, disputes arise over promises that you have not fulfilled and that have aroused jealousy in your partner. Erase the suspicions of infidelity, because moving away will deprive you of a normal sex life.


Today you are obsessed with wanting to be at the top of the job at all costs. If you have decided to get recognition, do not insist on direction, but wait to receive an evaluation from your peers. It’s time to think about yourself, not just the people around you. Relationships with the people around you are harmonious, although retrograde Mercury can block them. Watch out for the problems, dear ladies. Your claims against your loved ones will lead to a scandal. Think about how to regain harmony in intimate relationships if you want to enjoy sexual pleasures.


Work calmly and do not forget to take into account all the details of your work. Do not make hasty final decisions to your detriment. Perfectionism benefits you. Do not succumb to the provocations caused by the retrograde motion of Mercury. You will know a monetary reward, which is an excellent evaluation of your long-term work. Unfortunately, you will find that the object of your feelings has directed Amur’s arrows in another direction. It is not worth suffering. Single women take revenge on an unfulfilled love affair, indulging in sexual pleasures with casual partners. You will not sink into oblivion.


Unexpected expenses in the family will affect your financial stability. Everything planned related to your tasks at work is done. Overcome nervousness and avoid repeating old mistakes. Postpone business meetings and conversations. Don’t take any chances. Don’t lend money, because retrograde Mercury will deprive you of more money. You intend to embark on a new love story, dear women. Think carefully about whether your effort is worth it or you will waste your time. Happiness has fallen on the family’s shoulders. A romantic dinner awaits them by candlelight and sexual moments.


Break the thought of the problems you have to solve. An accidental acquaintance may have a positive impact on your future financial situation. You may find new sources of income, but be careful and properly evaluate the opportunities and benefits for you, especially in the retrograde Mercury movement. Clarify your problems in personal relationships. Don’t let yourself be pushed in a different direction from your destination. Careless sex will cause you problems due to an unexpected pregnancy and a hasty marriage. Be careful tonight.


Beware of scams related to your intention to start a new business. In the workplace, be careful about your words and actions. Any attempt to pick up and ironize your peers is to your detriment. You run the risk of failing due to rush and reckless actions, and Mercury is retrograde. A collision with rudeness and incorrect relationships on the part of your intimate partner is possible. Be careful. Don’t be too stubborn and stubborn, because your intimate partners will deprive you of sexual pleasures.


Interesting acquaintances fill you with a desire to succeed and enrich your knowledge. Renew old and useful business contacts, but only after considering intent. Your business partners will support the long-awaited financial income. You do well, despite Mercury’s retrograde motion. Family and women in love to prepare a romantic evening, alone with their loved ones. Single people should not be locked up at home. You will be happy in intimate moments with your loved ones, because of the irresistible attraction and mutual desire for sexual pleasures.


Look at your professional tasks with an optimistic mood, even if you are subjected to Mercury’s retrograde motion. You are in top shape at work and you will receive praise. You will meet new partners who want to work together and offer you future success. The day was tiring, dear ladies. At night, create positive emotions with your loved ones. Make your intimate partner happy the romantic moments of your dreams and enjoy sexual pleasures.


Despite your desire to create, be prepared for difficulties due to the inability to obtain the information you need. Do not participate in efforts prohibited by the retrograde motion of Mercury. Success will accompany you if you complete the tasks you have begun to work on. It will surprise you unexpectedly with information about your upcoming financial income. Difficulties communicating with your spouse or intimate partner are true if you do not try to harmonize your relationship. The stars warn you of the end of a romantic passion or a sexual relationship in which you do not invest feelings, but pretend.


They’ll make you a business proposition you can’t resist, but don’t rush. He replies that you will consider it and discuss it and gives an answer in the coming days. Changes in the workplace should be moderate and well thought out. Do not exaggerate at high speeds, if you are behind the wheel, unacceptable behavior in the retrograde motion of Mercury. Problems with a loved one or friend are possible. It is up to you to separate forever or continue your relationship. Delight your intimate partner with champagne, a delicious dinner and sexual pleasures.


This day you will have a conversation in which you will encounter unexpected problems. Do not rush to enjoy the money received, because you will immediately realize that there is a place to invest it. The day is suitable for routine activities. There are many problems due to the lack of stability in your opinion, but also due to the still retrograde motion of Mercury. It’s time to put an end to the problems with your intimate partner that have bothered you in recent days. Don’t expect sexual pleasures if you have shown stubbornness and misunderstandings with your loved ones.


Make the necessary analysis of your financial situation, especially if you run your business. Listen to the opinions of your classmates. Planned investments can hurt your future work. Touch according to the Mercury retrograde command. Submit your ideas if you want them to be supported by your partners. You have the opportunity to solve your personal problems that take you away from your loved one. Restore harmony in the relationship to experience unforgettable sexual pleasures.

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