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Another 11 lists of DB with electronic signature, the CEC left them


The co-chairs of “Democratic Bulgaria” Atanas Atanasov and Hristo Ivanov.

The Commission is requesting data from district governors on how they are registered all candidates in the July 11 and April 4 elections

There are 11 more lists of “Democratic Bulgaria” candidates for the November 14 parliamentary elections, the registration documents of which were submitted by electronic signature. After the CEC applied for its registration files earlier today, the commission recently left the report undecided.

These 11 lists were registered by the district commissions, unlike Stara Zagora’s list of problems, where the REC refused to register it.

These are the electoral districts of Blagoevgrad, Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Vidin, Kardzhali, Pazardzhik, Razgrad, Silistra, Smolyan, Targovishte and Sofia 23. The district electoral commissions have registered the lists of the DB, but after the refusal of the DEC – Stara Zagora to do so due to documents submitted with electronic signatures of coalition co-chairs Hristo Ivanov and Atanas Atanasov, on Thursday the Central Electoral Commission requested data from the 31 elections in the region for all lists of candidates submitted with an electronic signature.

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in the record of his lists, he showed the inspection of the CEC. Thus, only the DB acted in 11 constituencies.

The coalition lists in Blagoevgrad, where Ivan Dimitrov is the leader, are registered with electronic signatures in Vidin, headed by Lyuben Ivanov, Kardzhali – Vildan Rufatova, Gabrovo – Ivelin Stoyanov, Razgrad – Miroslav Grancharov, Silistra – Zlatko Kurtev, Smolyan Zarko Marinov and Targovishte – Ilina Mutafchieva.

The other 3 main constituencies, with lists registered in this way, are Plovdiv, headed by the leader of the “Yes, Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov, who is also in charge of Veliko Tarnovo; in Sofia District 23, led by DSB President Atanas Atanasov, and Pazardzhik, with Antoaneta Tsoneva as the first. It is also on the list of the 23rd MIR in Sofia.

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It is unclear whether this has happened in the 11 constituencies, as there are many documents and time is needed to review them.

According to a committee member, each of the DEC’s decisions has come into force and has not been appealed, so it cannot be revoked.

Today, the CEC gave several hours to eight of the 11 DEC to send all of the files for registration to the coalition’s electronic signature lists. This became necessary after only two of the district commissions had submitted all the documentation.

The proposal came from CEC member Krassimir Tsipov, “so that the CEC can make an informed decision on whether the legal requirements have been met.”

Subsequently, during discussions on the proposal of the vice-president and spokesman of the CEC, Tsvetozar Tomov, it was decided to request information from all regional governors on the lists of candidates registered for the last two parliamentary votes, on July 11. and on April 4, they were already registered in an electronic signature. Data must be submitted to the CEC by Monday.

The DB says that even then they registered lists with electronic signatures and there were no problems.

The commission also considered a complaint from Nikolay Barekov, alleging that the CEC should remove the DB list in Plovdiv because it had not been properly registered. However, the Commission ignored it, as the sender is a third party and has no legal interest.

At the meeting, which ended minutes ago, Tsipov reported again on the subject, but without a clear decision: whether or not to meet the requirements of the law. CEC president Kamelia Neykova asked if any of the members would propose a draft decision, but that did not happen.

“After the whole hall is quiet, we move on to the next point,” Neykova said.

Before the next topic, the secretary of the CEC, Sevinch Solakova, spoke.

“Obviously, the CEC does not know what the procedure is for registering lists of candidates. And the CEC does not know why it voted yesterday and what conclusions it made about a complaint that refused to register a list of candidates for a DEC. I am not convinced that I can feel at ease, of being part of a body that is called upon to organize legal and fair elections.All stages of the organization of elections must be in accordance with the law. law governing the terms and conditions is the Electoral Code. I regret having to find conclusions, “Solakova said.

“Each of the 11 cases is different. My proposal was that after making a decision in principle on whether or not there is a violation of the Electoral Code, the commission should consider each case. I wanted to examine the issue in principle, but so it seems, this CEC does not want to do that, ”Tsipov told 24 Chasa after the meeting.

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