Thursday , May 19 2022

Car ignition research in Mladost – Trud district


This morning, about six o'clock, the police received a signal of a burning car parked on the inter-bombing space in the pond. Mladost, announced the press center of the MUP.

Political group 5 Municipal councilor Ventsi Mitsov announced in his social network that in "Mladost" 4, they flipped a block in front of block 433, Bulgaria AIR AIR announced.

The car burning signal is received after 5.30 in the morning. It turned out that Ventsy Mitsov's son was a witness to the car that set fire to shooting a video.

We are talking about unsettled financial relations. The car that is lit is actually the Vraca number. A man, also from Vratsa, but not the owner of a burned car, who lives in block 433, was in a casino last night. At the gambling station, he gave money to an unknown person. He threatened to fire him out of the car.

Earlier this morning, in front of Blvd 433, unknown people confused and ignored the car without any confidence of the citizens. The owner of the illuminated car says it is a mistake.

Three more people were injured due to arsenal.

Checking on the spot is done. In this case, pre-trial proceedings are initiated.

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