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Champions League? Juve is still behind Real and Barça

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The road to the glory of the Juventus began with Antonio Conte seven years ago. The Italian tactic ended up arriving after taking Siena to the promotion of Series A and was about to start the challenge with "Old Lady".

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We all know the story. He returned to the "biconkers" to the maximum of Botosha after an agonizing five seasons. But why do we remember that? In that summer, Giuseppe Marato signed with two new midfielders: Arturo Vidal and Andrea Pirlo. By the way, they cost the club a total of 10.5 million euros, paid only to the Chilean.

On the eve of the 2011/2012 season, Cote planned to launch the same training that helped Siena return to the calf, 4-2-4. But when Vidal, Pirlo and Juvenil Claudio Marquisio watched, he decided to change the tactics with three midfielders.

The trio later became known as the MVP. Marquisio and Vidal were ideal in the box role for boxing midfielder (playing one on the other), while the Master was the leader who composed the style of the game by taking steps crafty

Each of them finished this season, participating in 10 goals and was as important as the legendary BBC in defense: Andrea Bardzali, Leonardo Bonchei, Giorgio Chiellini.

Subsequently, Paul Pogba joined the well-greased machine and Juve formed one of the best midfield lines in the history of Italian football. It may sound dominant, but it is exactly the same, and for years we will talk more.

Since then, Ju has also significantly improved the final points of the deflector. Over time, Paolo De Cielie and Federico Peluzo were replaced by Alex Sandro and Joao Cassello, who are currently among the best of their places. There is no need to talk about the precious stones that Juve owns. They show what the club has invested to conquer the European peak.

However, if you see victory over Lazio on Sunday, it was clear that the Torrians are ignorant in the middle of the field. Cassello's turn turned the derby of the Olympic Games, but the question is whether Max Allegri can triumph in the Champions League with this average defense.

Once Allegri said that Sammy Kedera is among the best in the world when it comes to "reading the game." Nobody can deny the incredible work of Bless Matthews, while Rodrigo Bentankour has great potential. Perhaps Emre Zhang needs more time. Even so, in addition to Miralem Pianich, can you imagine another Juvenal midfielder who is a solid player of Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich?

If the "bianconers" want to conquer Europe, they must become the largest dog in the yard. This requires the media that can inject and help. And none of the current midfielder has participated in more than 3 goals during the campaign.

Of course, Juve has great players, led by Cristiano Ronaldo. But he even needs quality behind him.

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