Saturday , May 8 2021

CSKA sells young man Ant's club to Premier League?

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The English elite Volverhampton (11th in the Premier League) will watch 18-year-old Valentina Antov. This will be on today's European qualification of our teenager for up to 19 years against Romania.

The meeting is at 14:30 at the Hadzhi Dimitar Stadium in Sliven, and will be supervised by the Wolf Wrestler Matthev Hobs, who is on the invitation of the reconnaissance agency.

In addition to Ant's part of the "lions" are young CSKA – Mitko Mitkov and Nikola Borisov.

In this season, Antov recorded 10 "army" appearances in all tournaments. He was on the court in three games from the First League, starting with a win over Lokat (Pd) from Laut 1-0, wrote Theme Sports. Mladic also has two games for the Bulgarian Cup, having been eleven at 3: 1 over Vitosha (Bistrica) in the eighth finals.

Antov started a strong season with the conflicts from the League of Europe, recording 5 appearances. CSKA's teenager played as a champion in both matches with Latvian FC Riga. He can play the role of a midfielder and a defensive midfielder, and the coach Nestor El Maestro uses him in the middle of the court. In this position she plays with teenagers. In addition to Ant, Wolverhampton's scout will also watch other teens.

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