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Eight people were injured in a car accident near the village of Cherniche (OBZOR)


November 20, 2018 03:46 | FOCUS news agency

Photo: Information Agency

Eight people were injured in a car accident near the village of Cherniche (OBZOR)Photo: FOCUS Information Agency

Simitli. Eight people suffered a road accident near the village of Cernić. About 18.55 hours, locomotive 50244 passenger train, who traveled from Petrich to Blagoevgrad, hit a stone that fell on the track and therefore left the track. Travelers get out of time. The teams of firefighters from Blagoevgrad, Simitli and Razlog reached optimum position near the area from where they walked to the site of the incident. Rescue teams built a mechanism to remove passengers from an inaccessible area to Peio Iavorov Station and reviewed them by Emergency Medical Staff. All of them without a danger to life.
Blagoevgrad District Governor Biser Mihajlov explained that the deputy driver of the driver, the train chief and six other people transported 9 emergency teams. 6 people are located in UMHAT Blagoevgrad and 2 in the Pulse Hospital. "At this moment there are no serious violations or direct threats to their lives," he said, adding that after the on-site inspection, the works on the restoration of the railway will begin immediately. to get off the track, the route itself must be restored, "Mihajlov explained.
According to him, four teams from the Office for Fire Protection and Population Protection in Blagoevgrad participated in the rescue operation. "Two teams from Razlog and Sandanski, 9 ambulances responded to the clinic, and the people who were on the train were evacuated." With the help of the Director of the BDZ "Passenger Transport", they were overburdened by a bus that continued along the train. in Blagoevgrad, the others continued for Sofia in good condition, "Mikhailov added.
He specified that the terrain was difficult and that the evacuation took place through the Struma bridges.

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