Monday , September 26 2022

Emma Stone shoots for the first time – Blic


Emma Stone finally decided to shoot the movie. She did it during the shooting of the film "Favoritka" with director Yorgos Lantimos. This is an episode in which Sarah Churchill (Rachel Veiss), the lover of Queen Anne and wife (Olivia Coleman), reveals her beloved heroine Stone in bed – Abigail Maham. The actress says that only this towel is worn on this scene.

After a few minutes, Stone said she wanted to shoot naked. According to the actress, Sarah can look at something, not only to see the fabric in front of her.

According to Stoun, Weiss tries to discourage her from this idea. The director was wondering at the same time whether he really wanted to shoot naked. After all, "The Fellows" – this is the first Stone film, where it plays a goal.

Translation: BLISTER

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