Thursday , May 19 2022

England – Croatia 0: 1, Goal Kramaric!


In the first half, the superiority of the host was obvious, only the lack of luck prevented the British from gaining an advantage in the outcome.

Only in the first 10 minutes of the match, Stirling could have called twice, but Kalinic's intimate intervention neutralized the motivated performances of the Manchester Citi player on the front line.

It was a tough moment for Harry Kane, who could achieve his first goal in several games for the team, but first shot into the body of the defense, and then his bonus was saved in the visiting team's clock.

In only two cases, the Croats looked at the opposing door calmly. First, Rebecca said, but missed the shot, and a little later, Perisic tried his chance mid-ranking, but failed.

In the ranks of "chess players" there was a forced change, and Šime Vursalko took over the position on Milić's field.

At the very end of the half-time, Rastford scored Sterling for the first time, but the home football player missed the shot and, shortly afterwards, was one of the cleanest positions for Croatia in the match so far.

Modric received the ball at the edge of the zone of the penalty area and, with an elegant hand, sought Perrisic. However, the other stopped a moment to get in the situation, and his ball was taken by Pickford.

Therefore Vemblai's goals were not reached until the break.

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