Tuesday , October 19 2021

Experts are worried about a great guillotine for all drivers. – BLISTER


The criticisms that the new Road Traffic Law is not changing is not justified because you can not think of new rules of movement. This is what the head of the police said, Alexi Stratiev, in the air of "Hello, Bulgaria."

"The rules are common under the Convention on Road Traffic, the only thing that could change are the sanctions and things that would force the drivers not to break the rules, I think there are advances in this direction," he goes to say.

According to him, there are advances in the fight against corruption in the Traffic Police.

According to Stratiev, changes to young drivers, according to which they will not be able to drive a car that is more powerful than the 68 horses of force, and who, flying in the first six months, sit down with a companion, are not a good solution. "This is a step towards young drivers to take steps to ensure themselves, as well as other road users. The assistant should be qualified. There are sanctions. It's hard to find a car to 67 horsepower, "he said.

The new requirements for pilots worry me, said Krasimir Georgiev, president of the Association for the Qualification of motorists in Bulgaria.

"The new draft Law on road traffic is closely monitoring the promotion of some interests. For example, you have seen a police officer with a belt. Nobody has ever seen it, although the current law does not release them. , in silence, they forced him not to wear a belt. At least, he hoped to limit the movement of wagons on the roads, "commented Georgiev.

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