Saturday , February 27 2021

First to BLISTER: Started! Alexandra Bogdanska gives birth! (PHOTOS) – BLISTER

Alexandra Bogdanska is currently giving birth. His beloved Daniel Petkanov has published hundreds of videos of the hospital where his cream will give life to his heir.

The crazy journalist literally is now in seventh heaven. Do not stop posting videos from different hospital rooms, even from the elevator. With a special hat and butter, he even commented one of the most important days of his life: "I do not know if I find myself ridiculous, but that does not happen. There is no. Start!"

Both will become proud parents of a child. However, the name it gives, it is still unclear.

Blitz remembers, That both met during a Reporters Mad journalist a few years ago. The dirt of his relationship was made public after Petkanov learned about the infidelity of his partner. He disowned it all in Bulgaria and a year later, both were under the roof of VIP Broder. After living together for two months, they met again and even celebrated a wedding ceremony in the eyes of millions.

The good news was not afternoon and a year later, the two already wait for the first child.

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