Wednesday , October 27 2021

Grigor Dimitrov – Daniil Medvedev 4-6, 4-4 – TennisKafe


On Wednesday night, Grigor Dimitrov will play Daniil Medvedev in a fourth-round Masters match at Indian Wells.

For both of them, this is the first time they are participating in this phase of the tournament, with Grigor getting it after beating Daniel Altmeier and Riley Opel in two sets each. The Bulgarian is definitely in good shape in recent weeks, after reaching his first semifinal of the season in San Diego.

Today, however, he has the U.S. Open champion against him, who in 2021 gets 50 wins, including 38 in hardships and a total of four titles. Currently, the world №2 has a series of 10 consecutive hits.

This will be the fifth game between them, as the Russian won the last three. Among them were the semifinals of the U.S. Open two years ago, as well as their September game at the Cincinnati Masters, won by Medvedev 6-3, 6-3. Grigor will try to secure his 28th win over one of the top 10 tennis players and the first after beating Dominic Thiem at this year’s Australian Open.

The match will start after the match between Diego Schwartzman and Casper Ruud, which will start at 21:00.

Live comments:

0-1 Advance, Medvedev. The first match lasted 7 minutes and unfortunately it was for the Russian after a series of extremely long games. In fact, the first 8 had an average duration of 16 strokes. Dimitrov had the game ball, but Medvedev won a point on the net deuce. Ace caused a second ball of play, but a good pass to the rival caused a second tie. Two unprovoked mistakes happened: from a close-up near the net and from a portion cut, with which Dimitrov gave the game to the opponent’s account.

0-2 Another game with many long plays. Grigor started with a setback on the right and went 30-30, but then made a small mistake and Medvedev finished the game with a perfect shot on the right.

1-2 Dimitrov’s first game. It is also the lowest since the start of the match, as the first good service has given some easy points.

1-3 Another match won by Medvedev. Dimitrov got his first breakball with a 30-40, but the opponent reacted with three quick points in favor.

2-3 The task of service of Grigor is still not easy considering the almost impeccable game of the opponent. However, the level of the Bulgarian is also high and with some winning features he achieved success.

2-4 A series of good services gave Medvedev the advantage of the match. Dimitrov reached 40-30, but his attempt to retreat to the short diagonal failed.

Grigor’s 3-4 serve works and is won with a good overtime after the return leg, which brings success to the game, although Medvedev scored two points.

3-5 The easiest match for Medvedev from the start of the match. It was won quickly and therefore the Russian is just one of the hits of the set.

4-5 Dimitrov survives, saving two balls of seven. A double foul gave a bad start to 0-30, after which another undisputed meant a 15-40. Fortunately, at that moment came some of the few playoffs that ended in a mistake by the Russian. With a winner of the return, he fought for the tie, but Grigor still managed to succeed.

4-6 Sep, Medvedev. First game at 0 in favor of the Russian, who arrives at the right time for him.

Second set:

0-1 Avanç, Medvedev. Unfortunately, the beginning of the second part is identical to that of the first. Grigor lost the ball, and the impeccable play of the opponent continued to make him look for aggression, and in this case he made several consecutive mistakes.

1-1 Advance, Dimitrov. Here is a rebreak after a wonderful match in favor of Grigor. It was as if it all started with a magical blow between the legs, which he performed wonderfully in a moment of despair. Medvedev made a mistake later and in the second breakball, the former №3 placed a very clever ball in the corner.

1-2 Advance, Medvedev. Unfortunately, Grigor did not use momentum. After a double error, it was 0-30, a first on the net dealt with the 0-40 and on the first occasion Dimitrov made another double.

1-3 First server game since the beginning of the set. Grigor had his chances, reaching 30-30, but he didn’t use them.

1-4 Advance, Medvedev. Dimitrov led 40-15, but the Russian remained unmistakable and his perseverance definitely affected Grigor. After a series of unprovoked errors, a new advance in favor of the world was achieved №2.

2-4 Advance, Dimitrov. After the second advance, Grigor played very free and this became evident immediately on the court. He went 0-40 and, in the second breakball, Medvedev made a double mistake.

3-4 Grigor minimizes his liabilities after a match in which the Russian made four consecutive unprovoked mistakes.

4-4 Advance, Dimitrov. Grigor returns the second attempt. Medvedev’s game is obviously quite dubious and he continues to make mistakes. The Bulgarian reached the breakball after a wonderful pass, after which, in the next play-off, the reverse portion caused the world №2 to send the ball into the net.

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