Sunday , October 17 2021

Gurkova with a cruel confusion over his death! He revealed how the lives of wealthy people are different from the lives of the poor. – BLISTER

Natalia Gurkova has not conducted an interview, but has recently made an exception, with certain preliminary provisions. It is an observatory: it claims that more than 90% of its articles in the press during the last 10 years are a complete counterpoint. Put a condition – without questions about the death of her husband, Georges Mihalevich, writes Weekend, to which Gurkova speaks.

"I'm still not prepared to talk about it. And I understand, after all that was written, my words are only sunk among hundreds of fake. I just want to know – our love with George was real from first to last. He will always be alive in my heart, "he says.

Only Blitz! Gurkova's mother-in-law showed sharp images of George's dead tomb

First of all, it speaks of beauty the new show, "They Are", which will be the protagonist: "They Are" is a new and different project where we will present interviews with successful people from different fields: show business, sports, politics in an unusual way and in a typical environment. The distribution environment will also be different: it will not be seen on television, but on social networks and Internet portals. Stilian is a director with rich experience and witty ideas. Extremely intelligent and wise, from which we can only learn. Criticism is its quality, that much respect. It is always a pleasure to work with him. Call me recently, I invite … and I took what I have accepted. I needed this professional challenge. "

It's interesting how Gurkova goes one day: "Every day is different. But, as a whole, I wake up soon: I have been 7 years since I'm a child, I do not like sleep. I prepare and send the children to a school and a kindergarten. After I do a workout at the gym. Treat yourself to work at least one hour a day, so that you do not lose tone and shape, so that you eliminate the negative accumulated energy. I have a fast lunch, either alone or with a girlfriend. In the afternoon, I bring children and take them to lessons. I spend the nights with the My family or friends. And lately I'm preparing for the show. Before going to bed I read on several pages of a book: this is a ritual that is # 39 It has been maintained since the student years. As you can see, nothing strange … ".

The greatest happiness for Natalia is the children. "Nothing more can be compared to this joy. Every day I thank God for the happiness that I am the mother of these two wonderful children. They support me and they are my support," beauty says.

The question "Lesson or judgment is material wealth for a person". Natalia also responds very interestingly: "Wealth is a test and definitely not for everyone." Go and see if you can use it if you can not, just go. The life of the rich is much more difficult and more complicated than that of others. Those who do not, think that happiness is in the money and that if they have money, they would solve all their problems. But when they have them, they see that things do not stay this way. Money has never been an end in itself. "

Miss Bulgaria does not want to comment on whether she is a millionaire in diamonds and properties, since people in Bulgaria are proverbial with their envy and their malice.

The best moments of his life are the birth of his children, the day he met George, his wedding with him … Professionally, his victory in the Miss Bulgaria competition, the good performance of Miss World and A series of international competitions, its validation as a model. I sincerely hope that it is best to come.

The worst part of his life is undoubtedly the loss of his husband. "This is a pain difficult to overcome", Natalia is categorical.

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