Tuesday , July 5 2022

IBM patented widget, which is a watch, smartphone and tablet in one


It seems that the folding devices will become a hot topic in the technology market in the coming years, although the first folding smartphones are still unprepared.

Huawei, Samsung, its folding smartphones and why they're turning into a mirage

Huawei's and Samsung's folding smartphones turn into a mirage

Huawei will also delay the release of Mate X

Samsung and Huawei have not yet managed to free their folding devices in the mass market and, for some time, there have been rumors that Apple also prepares a similar product.

This week, the old hegemony of IBM technology received a patent for a device that is a smart watch, a phone and a tablet in it.

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The base of the design is a screen made up of a total of eight panels that fold up and look like a small board of cards.

Each panel has a size of three inches by six inches and, in tablet format, the eight screens make up a twelve to eight inch screen.

We just do not know how this screen will be comfortable for our wrist, but it is currently not important.

The strange thing is that the IBM patent offers different interface systems for the clock, the phone and the tablet, which overflow with each other depending on how we use the device.

In tablet format, the widget can even work with a keyboard and an external mouse.

For a long time, IBM has been reluctant to produce these products, it is very likely that the company will grant the patent in question to some of the leading modern manufacturers in the industry.

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