Monday , May 10 2021

It's incredible what a man Jane Marinove-Blitz will do

Man Iane Marinove, Boxer Tihomir Vinchev, joins John Rambo for footage from the forthcoming fifth edition of the series – The Last Blood, Monior wrote.

This is not the first Hollywood engagement of a fighting choreographer who just a few months ago became the lead in the mega production of Hellboys. In the fifth film "Rambo", Vinchev will replace himself with Silvester Stallone in several physical scenes by testing his skills at the top of the key weapon of the green beret for "Last Blood" – "Heart-Stopper").

Rambo 5 pictures started in Sofia early last month, but most of the film's work would be transferred to the Canary Islands. Slai spent more than a month in our country, even received his family's package inspired by a tape. A jacket with the inscription "Rambo" and a colored skull with a beret that the actor delights from his relatives is now available to the mass consumer. Franchise franchise fans will be able to get clothes of $ 150, along with orders coming from the official website of the star. Part of Stallone Jackets is seeking donations for American veterans.

Adrien Grunberg, directed by Adrian Grnberga, will make his own world premiere in 2019 with the exact date that is still not officially announced. Ten years after Rambo's latest inclusion on the big screen, many wondered whether the audience was still intrigued by the adventures of heroes. It seems that interest is great, and the distribution rights are being purchased for more than 35 countries. On the Bulgarian side, Tandem will take care of distributing "Last Blood" in cinemas.

We also recall stories briefly. John Rambo tries to lead a normal way of life, retires himself in his "cave" (as Sli-ba says) at a ranch in Arizona. However, his quiet life is shaken when a close friend asks for help because her granddaughter disappeared during a party in Mexico. Stolon's hero immediately takes over the case and the back will keep the journalist (PAS Vega), whose sister was also kidnapped.

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