Friday , May 20 2022

Kaludya Kaludov celebrates 40 years on stage with opera "


The Palazzo Opera House is a credible painting of the artist's life. The story of the comedy body is naturally located below the base of the Balkan circus. The idea for this spectacle has long been a dream for tenor Kaludi Kaludov, and director Ognjen Draganov is the right person to want to become a reality.

Ognian Draganov, director of the State Opera in Staza Zagori: What stood before us was not one of the dominant arts, because if I can say, the opera is a little noisy art, and the circus is a little less, faster and more dynamic art in this combination.

The difficult role of the sad clown Canio is a crowned party in Kaluddin Kaludov's 40-year career. But he has another argument to choose for his celebration

Kaludi Kaludov: Theater of the boss who leads his theater from the village to the village … and ultimately earns the lives of these artists, I think that our everyday life is very much connected with this opera and that in most cases theaters are thinking more about how to pay their workers rather than doing masterpieces.

Crying a clown laughing at his audience, suffering for lost love and stubborn feelings, is a metaphor of the meaning of the art itself, in which the most beautiful and valuable masterpieces often yield at the cost of pain and the loss of something really expensive.

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