Saturday , September 24 2022

: Kulagin bites Cezo Andreev ::


Valentin Kulagin, a dramaturg with a striking mouth, did not miss to bite his colleague Tsetso Andreeva, who is currently celebrating Big Brother: The Most Wanted.

More about the topic:

"I'm not interested in makeup of Zura from Koynarea, but because it allows me to talk about myself, I will return the gesture. I will only say about Dvarf-rhmin, that

he is not a "star" producer, and his free subject, their colleague, but not the creator of visions. ",

he wrote on social networks.

Kulagin, who, after participating in the show, became a favorite of the audience, paid attention to the problems of Cecso with drugs.

"And in fact, he is a makeup maker that makes our profession known for leaving dozens of bridesmaids and makeup without make-up for drug problems. I take my disappointed clients every day who do not want to hear about it," he added.

Kulagin's speeches come in response to Andreev's business card when he enters the show.

"There are people who deny the prestige of my profession and they are bad guys, and I can give them an example and this is a former participant in your performance.

Damage and embarrassment for the manufacturers of makeup in Bulgaria. Palačo! ",

He said Tsetso.

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