Friday , October 7 2022

Ludogorets escaped from the League of Europe after a match with AEK in Razgrad


Ludogorets and AEK Larnaca failed to defeat and end up with a draw 0: 0 in the Europa League match at Arena Razgrad Stadium.

The players of the coach, Antony Zdravkov, were very uncertain and were completely disturbed by the guests from Cyprus in the first 45 minutes. In the second part, Razgrad players slightly increased their pace and began to control the ball even longer, but "green" hardly managed to get to a clean position.

So, the suicide between Ludogorets and AEK left them out for the finals of the tournament. Both teams are in the third and fourth positions in the group of 2 points, with 7 less than the leaders Baier Leverkusen and FC Zurich.

The hosts had serious problems earlier in the game. In the third minute, the ball returned with the ball by Renan led the guard to play riskily against Apostolos Jan. The goalkeeper eliminates the opponent, but sends the ball to Choran. However, the Spaniard failed to direct the shooting to the empty door.

Three minutes later, Assoubre was alone against goalkeeper from Razgrad. This time, however, Renan showed serious confidence and managed to save the "green" from falling.

In the 13th minute, AEK launched a new opportunity to lead. Ivan Trichkovski shoots from a direct free kick but hits the glorious pitch. But the ball left with a centimeter from the left.

Gradually Ludogorets woke up and began to enter the match, watching Ramirez's door. First, Marcellino tried with a long silence and in the 24th minute Nathanael fired left and centered in the penalty area. However, the sandmeters separated Jodi Lukoci from being spotted next to the goal.

Despite attempts to resist "greenery", guests from Cyprus continued to torture Motski and the company. In the 30th minute, AEK played a predominant mistake, but Akar had a weak shot and the ball fell right into Renan's hands.

In the 37 minutes, the other learned situation of the guests was a bit overwhelming. Silva precisely hit the country from the edge of the zone of the penalty area, but Renan intervened by the heroic and basement in the corner.

Three minutes later, Sissigno turned right and Claudiu Kescher played without preparation, but his shot did not find the door. So, the first half ended without a goal.

In the second half, the hosts slightly raised their pace and began to control the ball a bit more, but "green" never managed to achieve a clean position.

However, Ludogorets could lead in the 75th minute. Sissine sent a cent spin on the center for a corner, but Cosmin Motsi slipped and slumped it past the keeper.

Two minutes later, players from Razgrad were sentenced after Sissine fell into the penalty area in a fight against Garcia. However, Judge Ole Hober Nielsen and his assistants were silent.

Ludogorets – AEK 0: 0

Ludogorets: Renan, Sisinho, Mocci, Nedialkov, Nathanel, Diakov (Sasha 65 & # 39;), Campanario, Lukoi (Paulo 87?), Marcellino, Vandersson, Kescheru (Shverchok 75 & # 39;)
Coach: Antoni Zdravkov

AEC: Ramirez, Silva, Moses, Choran (Florian 81), Trichkovsky (Konstantin 88), Havel, Garcia, Gonzalez, Joanou, Jean-
Coach: Andoni Iraola

Razgrad, Stadion "Arena Razgrad"
Referee: Ole Hober Nielsen
Yellow cards: Nathanel, Dakov, Mochi (Ludogorets); Jan, Silva (AEK)

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