Saturday , November 27 2021

Musk tunnel is ready and will be open soon


In May of this year, Ilon Musk showed a lucrative blow to Instagram, which shows the ongoing underground tunnel activities that a billionaire built in Los Angeles.

Why did Ilon Musk stay without Instagram?

Why did Ilon Musk stay without Instagram?

Another drama about a billionaire

But since the billionaire "drags" Instagram, the photo is no longer available, but has recently shared the entire Twitter video, much more than his underground creations.

In its position, Mus describes the tunnel as "worrying long" and confirmed that December 10th the speed channel will open its doors to people in the region.

The first tunnel tunnel Boring Compani It extends from the headquarters SpaceKs in one of the suburbs of Los Angeles – just over three kilometers away.

The tunnel was launched last year, and quick progress is the testimony of what big money can do in a very short time. The LA tunnel network has not grown, for example the The Verge.

Caire West climbed the table to protect Musa

Caire West climbed the table to protect Musa

There are no other ways for Caire

The tunnel will also have a futuristic and autonomous machine that can carry it between eight and 16 people with speed up to 250 km / h.

He arrives at Musus, we can not deny, despite the difficulties he had in the last few months. His company has already been selected to perform similar projects in the United States Chicago and Washington, which will be launched in the near future.

The toughest year in Musa

The toughest year in Musa

And it's best going through bad weather

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