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Pros and Cons of the transfer of Morata to Atlético – Soccer World – Spain


Álvaro Morata is close to Atlético de Madrid. In view of the strong form of Antoine Grossman between the attackers of the "crippled" from the beginning of the season, Diego Simeone needs an alternative. And the unnecessary of Chelsea Morata may be the solution.

The Spanish brand breaks the strengths and weaknesses of the Spanish. Here is what the Grand Prix of Madrid can give you in a possible transition to "Wanda Metropolitan".


1 Atletico needs goals – Since the last 7 successes of the team, Grizzman scored 6 of them. French is Simeone's only option on the front line. The injuries of Diego Costa and the mediocre games of Martinins and Kalinic make the team need another class in attack.

2 Morata will quickly adapt to the philosophy of El Cholo – Spanish has a great quality to help protect and cover a large perimeter throughout the terrain. You can play any role, both offensive and defensive.

3 The sea is strong in air and often marks the head, while Athletico relies heavily on the wings. The last parties saw what kind of need they needed to take advantage of the flank of the "carpets" of a typical "ninth"

4 Moray can also play in either of the two wings, not only as a central striker. Its versatility will provide more advanced ideas for the Athletic

5 It is imperative when it comes to press. Often accused of lack of character, but very hardworking throughout the game.


1 Common lesions – The traumas accompanied the course of Maratha to Chelsea. After the start of the 2017/2018 season, the injuries collapsed the striker in the coming months.

2 In the news, Atlético is in a delicate situation, in which you have to make serious savings in the budget, so that the club is not threatened by the bankruptcy. Morata is a world class player and any attraction of a competitor means a new budget charge.

3 Mora is a former player and junior of Real Madrid. More interesting, he spent two years at the Atlética school, between 2005 and 2007. Between 2008 and 2010, he is in the White Academy before debuting for the first team in 2014. Although Morata can help many athletes, no admirer of "red white" will forget his past with Real.

4 His arrival could leave one of the stars – Diego Costa, in a very disagreeable position: the reservation. And that would mean two things, either leaving directly to the fanatics of Atletico fans, or leaving the bench to one of the best winners of our time. This will create a great dilemma for Diego Simeone during the entire remaining season, and therefore there will be additional tensions in the dressing room.

5 The Athletic one is not at its most stable moment. Luca Hernández is facing a transfer to Bayern Munich, while contracts Cloud, Godin, Huffran and Felipe Lewis have not yet been renewed.

The morgue may cause the separation between Diego Costa and Atlético

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