Wednesday , October 5 2022

Ralitsa Paskaleva surrendered to a pseudo producer in the FBI – Trud


A man with a massive criminal record promised her $ 1,000 a day

He lied about filming a movie about human trafficking

The actress gave birth to the son of volleyball Theodore Salparov.
The actress gave birth to the son of volleyball Theodore Salparov.

Strike Life Star Ralitsa Paskaleva sent the FBI to five Americans with a criminal record who represented the movie producer and offered mega productions for a lot of money to young actresses from Europe.

She contacted a man about the role for the role he claimed to lead. He promised $ 1,000 a day. He explained that the film was a mega-product on the topic of human trafficking that would be filmed in different countries across Europe and beyond the ocean.

After talking with the person concerned, Ralitsa decided to check what he was, and even on the Internet he had information about his deadly crime. All the information she was able to collect made Pascalle directly by the FBI to invite her to begin the investigation.

The support of fans Theodor Sparparov suggests that if she were related to the film offer, she would be part of a women's shop for pornography.

Pascal is currently in her motherhood after she gave birth to her son, Makima during the summer. She is negotiating to return to "Stolen Life" by combining her participation in watching a small one. She said it was very hard to recover after childbirth, but she felt good.

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