Sunday , October 17 2021

Silent scheme of crimes against the economic police in the fourth RUP – Blitz

Half of the bribes raised by the Polis of the Economic Police in the Sofia IV district went to Krassimir Krastev, the head of the sector. This is what Antonini Apostolov, an officer from the band of polis, wrote, who spoke about the country's hierarchy and who is currently attending, said yesterday at the specialized criminal court.

Three of the defendants – chief Krastev, accused as the head of the criminal group and his subordinates Mario Drinzolov and Radoslav Tomov, remain in custody, the court said.

Antony is the youngest of the five policemen who were arrested on Wednesday in their jobs after Tomov took $ 2,000 in his office. Enter the district in 2015. He says that his older colleagues – Georgi and Radoslav – have told him that he will have to ask for a trace of merchants to give the head of the sector, with something that he had left. A part of the racketers recognize him as a policeman, who puts up and makes a jeep.

Bomb to BLITZ! Scandalous photos of the bustling life of one of the bribery policemen in Sofia have been paying a "rate for peace"!

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At the other end, accused as head of the group – Krasimir Krastev. His lawyer explained that his family had bought home appliances for the period 2011-2019, all of them leased.

The head boiler of the sector was bought in exchange, and in January a woman bought a mobile phone for BGN 300, which was also rented.

A curious fact is that two days before the arrest he gave an application to leave. His lawyer, Ivo Naydenov, explained this to the health problems that were in place last year. Your colleagues believe that the long-term staff of the Interior Ministry might have heard that you are preparing something and wanting to leave alone, collecting the benefits that are granted to you.

Krassimir Krastev was in a tense relationship with Radoslav, and when he was in his office, he always wanted to have someone else to witness. Krustev's defense claims that his subordinates could have earned money back, misusing his name. Based on the indications made so far, it is clear that operational police officers explained to blackmail merchants that they should have a good relationship with them because their boss will come out, but they remain and will have to work together. Antoni says he has sent money from a dealer. The requested amount has been given on an invoice.

So far extorted by two places have given testimony in the case. Tomov's defense claims that his hands were burning, as the witness Velkov first touched the money marked, with whom he shook.


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