Sunday , April 11 2021

Slavi's great love was thrown into bed, a long place could not find – Blitz

Slavi Trifonov was deeply concerned about the health of his former spouse Magi Angelova. The great love of the showwoman was influenced by the flu and had to cancel several of its spectacles in the program.

As soon as Long learned of his condition worsened, he called her to the telephone and offered to take her to a specialist to avoid complications. Trifonov even sent him a huge bouquet of roses and a basket of fruits, with a desire for quick healing, wrote Galeria.

Magdalena is a clinical psychologist, giving classes of positive thinking and personal growth. Last week, he had to be invited to an online program, but due to the flu canceled the show. According to some acquaintances, Maggie was really very good in her profession and often helped Slavi when he fell into the mind.

They had a long relationship, and Maggie was the only woman whom Long had told publicly in love. However, Angelova married another and gave birth to a child, but a few years ago, Maggie divorced.

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