Sunday , May 22 2022

Sonja Jončeva is coming to Sofia on the premiere – culture


Opera star Sonia Ioncheva will come here for the premiere of a film dedicated to her life and her growth on the most dangerous soprano in the world today. She returned home after her successful tour in Latin America, where she sang in the biggest concert halls in Mexico and Chile. Premiere of the documentary "Sonja Ioncheva Semper Libera" is November 26 at 19:00 in Lumiere from Cinema 2018. "This is a story about a girl who dreamed of a better life for her parents. My fight, my destiny, my hopes "wrote Sonia Ioncheva in her personal profile of Instagram. Designed by experts as a singer from the class Maria Callas, she is the only artist in the history of Metropolitan Opera, who in three seasons participates in three shows, each broadcast live in 2000 halls around the world. The film depicts the staggering routine of the wife, mother and singer, at their intimate moments in their home and family, while they continue their triumph in some major opera theaters. The production includes Placido Domingo, Antonio Papano, Massimo Dzanetti, Michael Fabiano, Tomas Hempson, Temenug Ioncheva. The director and producer is Georgi Toshev, the operators are Rumen Vasilyev, Ivo Stoynov and Nikolay Barulov, and the scenario is Tošev and Ema Konstantinova.

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