Sunday , October 2 2022

Stefan Danailov led a new unequal battle – with Parkinson's


Acad. Lachezar Traikov treats him with the latest therapies and the most up-to-date medication

Stefan Danailov led a new unequal fight. After discovering the lymphoma a few years ago, 24 hours ago, he reported that the live legend of Bulgarian cinema was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

Danail's state is uninhabitable. The illness was found at a difficult psychological moment after the death of his sister Rosica. He stepped out of his house, suffered various pains. For this reason, he does not accept any professional obligations, although calls are one after the other.

His students from NATFIS support him spiritually. Every Saturday and Sunday, they visit him in his home, where the Lords continue to teach theatrical art, and submit to him energy. It is greeted by Russian salad, pickled cucumbers and caviar and a little vodka on the table.

The good news is that he observes and treats a neurologist Acad. Lachezar Traikov, whom presented to his readers last Friday. He prescribed Stepan Danailov the latest therapies and the most advanced drugs to combat Parkinson's disease. The doctor is confident and guarantees that his condition will be corrected as soon as possible.

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