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The Black Sea Shots Botev (Pd) before the battle of the Canaries with CSKA Sofia – Botev (Plovdiv) – BG Football


The Black Sea was the first to lose Botev (Plovdiv) in the spring. The "Sailors" beat the Plovdiv team with 2: 0 in a match of the third round of the first sixth position in the deputies. Patrick Andrade of Patrick Andrade (83 & # 39 ;, 88) scored for "sailors." The duel to the fourth of Komatov of Plovdiv was only one week after the dramatic final quarter of the Bulgarian Cup among them, won by the "canaries" with penalties. The defeat of Botev came just days before the first Cup final of 1/2 with the CSKA Sofia team. The citizens of Plovdiv accept the "red" on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

The title guard of Batev, Daniel Kaiser, left the viral disease, but entered the initial formation of the canaries. Before him, Philip Filipov, Kristan Dimitrov, Kostadin Nichev and Ebert Cardoso, four people. The position of Radoslav Terziev was defended by Radoslav Apostolov, against whom Todor Nedelev and Lachezar Baltanov were accused of the task of supporting the attack. The new additions were interpreted by Anton Karachanakov and Alexander Tonev. A solitary front was Ferrebori Dore.

The students of Ilian Iliev were ranked 4-2-3-1. Ivan Dyulgerov started at the door and, in defense, the "sailors' quartet" was made up of Stefan Stanchev, Miroslav Enchev, Victor Genev and Ugo Konongo. Aristotle Nongalla and Vassil Panayotov were midfielder in the middle of the field. Petar Vitanov, Patrick Andrade and Martin Minchev stood in a higher position and Mehdi Fenush besieged the hosts.

The first blow to the right of one of the two doors arrived at minute 9. Petar Vitanov entered after the right, but Daniel Kaiser could not make the passage through the penal area. According to later, Christian Dimitrov made an error that allowed Martin Minchev to shoot. The Bulgarian national, however, could not direct his shot to the silhouette of the door. 11 minutes into the game, Todor Nedelev deftly knocked the ball home.

After 21 minutes, Martin Minchev sprinted a couple of centimeters behind Daniel Kaiser's right side. The "sailors" organized a gradual attack in which the young soccer player was left scattered on the verge of the penalty, but his shot was at the foot of a defender in the "yellow-black." After 30 minutes, Aristotle Nongula found the back of the goal with a beautiful free kick.

Three minutes later, Daniel Kaiser had to intervene in a dangerous blow of Mehdi Fenush, killing the ball in a corner throw. After 40 minutes, Todor Nedelev found the back of the goal with a beautiful free kick. Alexander Tonev hit the ground hard, but he refused the attention of the trainer and rejoined his teammates on the pitch.

The last two dangers of the first half were in front of the Black Sea. First Ferrebori Dore shot his head incorrectly after focusing Nedelev in a corner corner, and in a minute the technical midfielder of the canary looked at Dyulgerov's eyes, but was overwhelmed and Miroslav Enchev managed to throw the ball with a sword

The second half began with a shot by Stefan Stanchev at the door. 61 minutes into the game, Ferrebori Dore had a great chance to put his team ahead, but his kick from the left went wide. The Black Sea responded with a dangerous George jorge to the furthest corner, which did not find the outline of the door. At minute 66 Dyulgerov overthrew Alexander Tonev in the corner. Dore was not able to detect the ball on the door that was left open in a second beam.

The "sailors" made a gross omission through Vasil Panayotov at minute 72. The midfielder received a centered on the field by Jorginio in the penalty area, but could not judge his pace well and shot out. In the 80th minute, Chris Dobrev handed out his captain Lachezar Baltanov, who tried a blow to the ground, but too weak to prevent Dyulgerov.

After 83 minutes, the Black Sea reached a goal through Patrick Andrade. The midfielder received a good shot from the right of Aristotle Ndongalla and shot, and the ball entered the beam and did not allow Kaiser to intervene.

Andrade got his second goal in minute 88, ending the dispute between the two teams. Varna's team organized a good attack in which Nongalla passed the ball into the legs of Ebert Cardoso, while Patrick Andrade with a knock shot at the door for 2: 0.

GPP – 29 Round:


0: 1 Patrick Andrade (83)

0: 2 Patrick Andrade (88)

Starters compositions:

BOTEV (4-1-4-1): Daniel Kajev, Philip Filipov, Kristan Dimitrov, Kostadin Nichev, Ebert Cardoso, Radoslav Apostolov, Lachezar Baltanov, Todor Nedelev, Anton Karakanakov, Alexander Tonev, Ferrebori Dore
Senior coach: N. Kirov
BLACK SEA (4-2-3-1): Ivan Dyulgerov, Stefan Stanchev, Miroslav Enchev, Viktor Genev, Ugo Konongo, Aristotle Nongalla, Patrick Andrade, Vasil Panayotov, Petar Vitanov, Martin Minchev, Mehdi Fenush
Senior coach: I. Iliev

SENTENCE: Georgi Davidov
STADIUM: "Botev 1912"
HOME: 5:30 PM


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