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The BSP issued a statement on behalf of the defense of its four deputies who filed a request for a review of the roads in the RIA (OBZOR)

November 10, 2018 14:56 | FOCUS news agency

Sofia. I will not interpret the motives of the Prosecutor General. We draw conclusions from the facts – that the requested immunities came after two years, at a time when, especially Elena, was very bright in her research materials and films. This was said by BSP leader Kornelia Ninova for Darik Radio, the BSP press center said fun. She explained that the motives look interesting – money laundering for the purchase of cameras and movie recording equipment in Syria. "All these things are weird," she said and recalled that "all signals" started by GERB – Anton Todorov, Delian Dobrev, Tom Bikov, all these claims during Kumgate. She explained that the charges under Professor Georgi Mihailov began after their brilliant manifestation of voting on trust in health care. "Two BSP blades! Opposition fails, we do not award public procurement," Ninova said. She commented that Elena Ioncheva has documents that lead to conclusions about corruption and abuse, pointing out that this is a road near Svoge, where a catastrophe occurred. She explained that this protocol was made years before the accident, in which various institutions identified violations and abuses in the construction of the arrow, saying that they should be corrected immediately, but no one moved their fingers. "Someone has to be responsible – why someone has fallen asleep this recommendation all year," Nina said. She stated that MPs sought an objective check of the circumstances – they wanted information, they wanted an independent laboratory. Cornelia Ninova said that when she met with the Construction Chamber, she ensured that there would be rules, rules, laws and changes in the rule of law, and everyone would be at the same level that no one would be blackmailed to return money from public procurement. She recalled that the Chamber had requested that the API be not requested. "I refused and said that I will not stop Elena. I do not want to, either because I want the truth – if there are injuries, be responsible," the BSP leader said.
"The difference in making an alternative budget is not what we offer another time – we give 500 million for health, we have 600 million for social benefits – 100, we 120. That does not solve the problem. The difference is that we propose funds to go through the changes in models, "Cornelia Ninova said of the budget edition. She pointed out that $ 500 million in health care in the government does not reduce the cost of drugs, makes health care more accessible, does not hold the doctor, does not prepare a new nurse. "Our budget is exactly that. Not only do you pour money, but give money the effects that come to people," Ninova said. She commented that the alternative budget is dedicated to education that money can be given for free textbooks by the 12th grade. "Not much money, but would help many people," she said. Nina explained that there is another proposal to create a textbook for the whole country. "There is no system in education, no matter how much money is poured," said the leftist.
"The decision adopted by the government suggests that mayors and municipal councilors make a decision to increase old-car taxes and put" from-to "limits in numbers. What I have addressed to our mayors is – make an effort to uphold the lower borders, Nina said about the increase in taxes on old cars. She explained that people are not blamed for being poor to drive old cars. Nina believes that it is better to make an effort to raise revenue. "The priority issue is helping people," she said. Cornelia Ninova recommended the health of other people – to reduce VAT on drugs or to pay the debts of municipal hospitals so as not to stop or finally have a prophylactic program.
The BSP leader announced that the rules and way of proposing for the deputies will be adopted on Sunday. She commented that she believed in the reelection of Sergei Stanishev, who explained that he was "our nomination". "After serious discussions in our political family, PES, it was decided that some countries abandon their lists and platform – what messages are sent to candidates. For Bulgarians it is more important to watch people in the lists and the people we raise and why they go there" , claims Ninova. "We will send people who will support the policies of Bulgaria and BSP," BSP leader said. She explained that there are several things she will not give up – from the views of the Istanbul Convention and the UN Migrant Pact. Nina commented that there are good texts in our Diaspora Pact, but there are issues that worry about small texts, for example, to issue ID cards to people who have arrived without them. "We help refugees in the war – this is an international, Bulgarian human right, but the spread of the migration circle for ecological, economic and social reasons poses a danger," explained Ninova.
"People considered us as part of the status of the house, so we proposed the" Vision for Bulgaria. "We are not the same, if we were the same thing, I would be willing to be the president of the parliament, my colleagues as ministers, and we chose a difficult way to stay in opposition and to distinguish from the status quo. The path is right, we just have to continue our efforts and not surrender, "Nina was categorical. She expressed her confidence that she was an alternative to Boyko Borisov, but in politics, not in positions.

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