Monday , September 26 2022

The legend pointed out where Grigor Dimitrov was wrong and what he lost


The Spanish legend Tony Nadal arrived in Bulgaria as Ambassador of Sofia Open 2019 and indicated where Grigor Dimitrov often confuses and loses in the game.

"Every game that Nadal has played with Grigor has been very hard. Grigor is a wonderful tennis player. There are all the elements: serve, forehand, backhand. He moves well on the track. There is no persistence, but he has everything In tennis, when Dimitrov plays well, it's very difficult. But let's not forget that Rafa must first defeat Berdih and Grigor goes through Thiafo. So we have to wait, "says the legend in the media if Grisha has Chances against Rafael Nadal if they meet in the Quarters of Australia Open.

"It's not very good to say it. When I first saw Grigor Dimitrov, I thought that was the future number one in the world. I remember playing for the first time with Raffa in Rotterdam in 2009. He gave him a bit of time to become a true world class player. I think he needs a little more resilience and persistence, "said Toni Nadal in the work of Dimitrov.

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"Look, I do not believe in complicated things. In tennis, you have to put the ball in the field more than your opponent. You have to run. And you do not have to worry when your opponent starts playing better What is the difference between Novak Djokovic and Dimitrov? Both play wonderful, but Djokovic knows that winning the first set is not enough. You need a little more. The same goes for Nadal and Federer. And sometimes , I think Grigor needs a little more time. Technically, I have noticed that sometimes it stops with your feet a little earlier than necessary. Here are the mistakes. Also, let one's legs a little more time. When this happens, it is very difficult to do a good blow. This is my opinion, "said the specialist.

"There will be many good tennis players in Sofia. Khachanov is now the world number 11. You have Acute Baitista, who won in Doha and beat Novak Djokovic. Wawrinka is not at the same level for years, but I think that He will soon begin to play for his best tennis. There was a game that was very tied against Randon in the Australian Open. There will also be Cicipas, which shows great progress. The guarantee is that we will see a great tennis, but I can not say who will win, "said the Christmas uncle of their expectations for the Sofia race.

Tournament of the ATP 250 series Sofia Open, where Blitz is a media partner, It will be held from 3 to 10 February at Arena Armeec. It will include the winner of three Grand Slam titles Stan Vavrinka, Kren Khachanov (Rousse), champion of the new generation teachers and №15 in the ranking Stefanos Tsitsipas (Gur), another of the stars of the future – 19 Daniele Medvedev (Rousse) , number 20 of the world Nikoloz Bazililashvili (Gruz), the first champion of Sofia №24 Roberto Bautista Agut (ESP), №28 Fernando Verdasco (Spain) and one of the most attractive tennis players in the world №33 Gael Monfis (Fp). The fact that the classifiers include three ATP calendar champions – Viktor Troitski, Guyermo Garcia-López and Serhiy Stahovski – are also talking about the strength of the race.

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