Saturday , August 13 2022

The underground heads were ordered to assassinate the wife of Natalia Gurkova? – Criminal news


Of course, the underground heads have ordered the murder of the wife of Natalia Gurkova – Georgi Mihalevich, the Serbian daily Kurier said in a sensational investigation, but the execution of the employer is part of a sinister Serbian-Serbian war against drug trafficking. Five Serbian police have been killed, reveal underworld in South Africa in the face of the Serbian edition.

"That's all a shit, I have nothing else to say," said Gurkova in Bulgaria today. According to Kurier, his information source is a high level person in the local underground world and, in fact, the revelations reject the previous version of the murder of George, who was shot dead, # 39; Last year at the end of September in the city of Bedford, near Johannesburg.

Immediately after the execution of the guarantor, the Czech mafia was accused of Radovan Kraichir. According to local media, George and George are making a solid business with diamonds. The valuable stones are provided by the Chechs, who, through their own people, steal them from local mines. George with his chain stores dims and sells them legally. It is said that he had a conflict with Kraichir to lose millions of benefits. According to Kurier, along with the diamond business, the Gurkova man also participates in a drug regimen.

This is what makes him one of the victims of the Serbian-Bulgarian war on traffic control in South Africa. A formal occasion for the sale of 2017 is the robbery of 20 kg of cocaine, says the Serbian edition. The drug is owned by a Bulgarian Mafia and the thief is a Serb. The source of the newspaper says that the man who has cocaine is the right hand of the mafia Ivan Djordjevic – Jucha, who is suicidal for one of the underground heads of South Africa.

Zhucha is a prominent feature in his Johannesburg home. Ivan was the first one in charge of his Bulgarian opponents in 2017. It is said that our coworkers work closely with their Serbian counterparts. After the imperious betrayal, the Bulgarians declared war.


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