Sunday , October 17 2021

They captured the daughter of Gloria in a great shot (PHOTO) – BLISTER

Simona Zagorova has finally given up on her diets. Gloria daughter's daughter was accustomed to dying of hunger. His ambitious mother observed for years all the calories that the girl swallowed because she saw that she had a propensity for the sausage, and did not want to let things go out of control.

Until recently, the popular icon managed to keep the appetite of the heir. In recent months, however, Simona decided to "emancipate" her powerful mother and announced that she would eat as she wanted, writes Weekend.

The result is a strong win, so the young singer is criticized by the media and fans. However, he did not give up his decision to eat, because he pleased and refused to make a diet. He prefers to be photographed.

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