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This is only the first step for Honda, Tanabe said


Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda
Toyoharu Tanabe with the design trophy for the victory at the Austrian Grand Prix; photo: Red Bull

Honda recorded its first success after returning to Formula 1 as a motor supplier thanks to the success of Max Verstatpain in the Grand Prix of Austria. The Dutchman pointed to the emblem of the Japanese manufacturer after rising to the podium. He won at a good pace in the match at home for the team. Then, an investigation was made about the maneuver administrators ahead of Charles Loeckler. Finally, they ruled that the situation was an incident of races. Honda, however, celebrated the success of the final.

"We have strived for a long time to achieve this victory. We learned a lot from our work in previous years before being Red Bull partners. Today we are very happy, but this is only the first step. We will continue to work hard to the end of the season, as well as next year, "said Formula One leader Toyoharu Tanabe of Honda.

He also said that his team's engineers knew what were the limitations of the traction systems

"We are working within these limits. But they wanted a better performance, so we got very seriously. We work very well with the team. People in the engineering team have a lot of experience. They work with one Open mind. We can discuss everything. Fast and accurate decisions are made, so we're very happy. "

Tanabe said that it was the first victory of Honda in Hungary in 2006.

"Thanks to Max for the magnificent walk and for Red Bull to give him a great car. We should not forget the contribution of Toro Rosso, who helped us in the right direction last year. Victory is also a way of" Thank our fans from all over the world for their continued support. We returned to the sport in 2015, but the feeling today is like a new beginning. We can celebrate it at this time, but We have to work again as soon as possible, because we have to reduce the distance to the faster teams. "

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