Friday , October 7 2022

Today is the World Day of Early Childhood – Society


On November 17, the World Day of Early Childhood is celebrated. In Europe, the total number of preterm infants per year is around 500,000, and in the world the number is over 15 million.

The tendency for the birth of premature babies continues over the years. In Bulgaria, about 6,000 a year were born prematurely. At the national level, their participation is slightly more than 10% of all births, as well as the average for Europe.

The key factor in the development of unprofitable infants is the expertise of the doctor and the basis for postnatal care. Preteen childcare can reach 1000-2000 BGN per day, transfers to CTV.

In Bulgaria, the mother of Sofia's mother follows the hardest pregnancy and is the only hospital in the country offering a comprehensive preventive care service, including ultrasound, biochemical examination and non-invasive DNA tests conducted by the National Genetics Laboratory.

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