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Verified by gladiator! Grigor moves to Melbourne – Tennis – Big helmet


The best Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov found a place in the third round of the Australian Open with a solid and new victory against an equal rival. The Bulgarian returned to play in four sets, as in the first round against Yankom Tipsarevic, now against the Uruguayan Pablo Quevas.

Less than three hours on the track, our first missile won 6: 3, 6: 7, 6: 3, 7: 5 and found a place between the 32nd best of the Grand Slam tournament of the year. His rival in the third round will be the Italian surprise of Thomas Fabiano, who faced Riley Opelka at the beginning of the day.

The duel between the two will be on Friday and the initial time of the collision will be clear. Thomas Fabiano is the 102th in the world rankings, but Grisso also has a great support in Australian qualifiers, and is waiting for a hot fight between them and their boys.

Otherwise, against Dimitrov Queen played a first game, which was a textbook. In it, the Bulgarian service was imprudent and, for the whole, only delivered two points (!) Of its submission to the Uruguayan. He made the only break in the second part of the game, and was enough to do it at about 6: 3.

In the second part, however, the South American recovered. At the end of the game, he even played his best tennis in the whole tournament and won two sets, but missed them. Then, in turn, the Bulgarian had two advances, but did not take advantage of them, and everything went into a tie. In him, Kuevas made two mini-bets against one of Dimitrov and was enough to equalize the sets 1: 1 at 7: 5 in the long game.

Grigor, however, did not allow him to reject him. He was intransigent in the third set in which he came back to a first break, which was consolidated at 4: 1. So the events of the first half were repeated and then a comfortable 6: 3 on Our first missile returned to be the leader in the result.

Quevas has gathered all his forces for the decisive fourth set. There he was constantly having difficulties with his serving games, saving break-breaks, but somehow he took them out. And so it was until the last possible game he served.

In this, the Uruguayan leader 40: 0, but collapsed, Grisho registered four consecutive points, he missed the first break, but he did not forgive in the second. There was a close match for his service and ended a victory for the Bulgarians against the old number 14 in the world.

So, in the third round, the Bulgarian will face Thomas Fabiano, and this will be the first match between the two ATP level.



First Set – 6: 3

6: 3 – Grigor Dimitrov brings the first set! The Bulgarian commits again with his service and has not left absolutely no chance for Quevas, who was glad to strike the ball after his service, but rarely led him to a second game. Griss gave only two points at his service for the Uruguayan team.

5: 3 – Quevas grabbed his hand and sat at the set. However, again, the Uruguayan had their problems, but managed to deal with them and with the good Bulgarian magazines. So, our first rocket will serve to win the set.

5: 2 – Sequential of the service game that Dimitrov carries with no particular problems. The Bulgarian service is a well lubricated machine at these early moments of the game and its opponent does not respond to the strong and well placed initial strikes of our first missile.

4: 2 – Quévass's first game of service, which does not reach Dimitrov's front sight. Even so, he did not easily reach the Uruguayan account, but closed it for his own benefit and the game continued with a minimum advantage for the Bulgarian.

4: 1 – Dimitrov continues to move forward. Although he gave his first service to Quevas, he was disturbing, the service helped him very much and logically led with a 4: 1 and an important difference in the brother moment of the whole.

3: 1 – Quevas finally registered an asset in the marathon game. Dimitrov continued his good game, even with the possibility of an advance, but with good service, the Uruguayan came out and reduced his delay.

3: 0 – Error Confirmation Breakthrough! The incredible game of Bulgarian continues and now, at his service, destroys the Uruguayan and does not even give him a point. In fact, since the start of the match, Quévas has only registered one point, while our first rocket is 12.

2: 0 – Advances by Grigor Dimitrov! The great start for the Bulgarian continues. With rival rival service and excellent reputation, he came to two points of interruption, making the first and leading two differences.

1: 0 – Great start for Grigor Dimitrov! He opened the game at his service and, with a confident move, he did not leave any possibility for the Uruguayan to record a point.

Second set – 6: 7

6: 7 – Quevas wins the tieback, which equals the score of the set. He made a minivan in the middle of the long game, but Grigor managed to return it for 4: 5. However, he made an error in his service, giving him two of his opponents. And while saving the first one, he broke the second because he was serving the Uruguayan and finally congratulated him on the success of a 1: 1 set.

6: 6 – Grigor cleared the score after 40:15, but reached the tie at the important time. Everything will be resolved in the long game.

5: 6 – Quevas also escaped a difficult situation to ensure a minimum of tiebrake. Dimitrov reached two breakpoints, the first in this set, but the Uruguayan with incredible axes, which had a millimeter of the outer edge of the lines, managed to save and direct, be back at the end of the set.

5: 5 – He went straight through the needles to stay in the set. He saved two sets, the second of which he played in the second service. But with a lot of personality and measured risks, the Bulgarians managed to escape and continue their participation in the set. This game lasted almost 8 minutes.

4: 5 – Quevas continues to show a growth in performance during the game. He continued besieging Servir Dimitrov and still did not allow him to record a point in his hand and lead after nine games.

4: 4 – Dimitrov is once again jeopardizing his service and returns to match the result. He gave only one point to Quevas in turn, and two of them approached the climax of the set.

3: 4 – The rebirth of the Queen's game continues. The Uruguayan got a very strong move and managed not only to win, nor even allowed Dimitrov to register a point. This happened for the first time since the start of the match in any one of them.

3: 3 – The hardest gameplay for Dimitrov! In him he gave more points to Quevas than the whole game so far. The Bulgarian even had to save an interruption point, but did a perfect job and finally won success with a lot of personality.

2: 3 – The strongest game in Quevas since the beginning of the game. In her, Uruguayan for the first time gave only one point to Dimitrov for submission. So he managed to lead again and the party continued without advances.

2: 2 – Dimitrov is still extremely intransigent at his service. Once again, he did not give any points to his opponent, he placed great servants, and when he came to play, he was great and accurate – 2: 2.

1: 2 – Quevas again tortures his bet, but he took it. Dimitrov reached 40:40, but this time the service pulled out of Uruguay in difficult times, so this set continues without pauses. But the game of the Bulgarian is very strong.

1: 1 – Grigor equals the score in the matches. He made his first double mistake in the game, but this was the only point for Quevas. The remaining points were long matches and everyone was in favor of the Bulgarian, who showed a strong and safe match with them.

0: 1 – For the first time in the game, Queves leads the game. This happened after a relatively good match of service on his part. Although Dimitrov registered two points, he could not approach a tie or break point in this game.

Third Set – 6: 3

6: 3 – Grigor Dimitrov wins the set! The Bulgarian man led 2: 1 after being intransigent in his last game of service for the party. He did not give any points to Quevas and showed that he had gone through the critical moment in his game form.

5: 3 – Quevas made the overwhelming part of this one and won his bets, placing a phenomenal service on the lines. One of them stuck the outer part of the contour with only one millimeter. In the end, he took his crop, giving only one point to the Bulgarian. Now Dimitrov will serve to win the set.

5: 2 – Dimitrov quickly picked up his service game and confirmed his three-game lead. He was implacable in an initial strike and did not hesitate, without giving any point to Quevas. Now, the Uruguayan will have to serve to stay on set.

4: 2 – Quevas stayed at seven, although he had difficulties. Uruguay led with 40: 0, but Grisho recorded three phenomenal points and scored. But the South American managed to face his next two appearances and left the game live in this game.

4: 1 – Grigor Dimitrov confirms the great advance! Although he made slight fluctuations when he led with 30: 0 and allowed a level, he scored the following two points after bright servants, in the second case he won a second serve.

3: 1 – Great progress for Grigor Dimitrov! Kuevas only gave his service game after making three double errors, the last of which was the second Bulgarian fight. In the first Grisho, he scored well, but made a frivolous and untested error and postponed the game. Fortunately, he managed to win and lead with an advance.

2: 1 – Grigor fled in a very heavy service game. The game of the Queen is getting stronger and, undoubtedly, the Uruguayan is at the top of her performance in this game. After several errors, however, the Bulgarians put a good service and provoked the result again. There are still no breakthroughs in this set.

1: 1 – Quevas responds appropriately. And he played a lightning service game that did not give a point to Dimitrov and managed to match the game quickly in the third set.

1: 0 – Grigor showed that the loss of the second set did not affect and started convincingly, winning his service game in less than one minute without giving him the point of # 39; Uruguay.

Fourth set – 7: 5

7: 5 – Game, game and game! Grigor Dimitrov beat Pablo Quevas with a very powerful performance in the last game in which he gave only one point to his opponent and closed the match correctly to find a place in the third round of the race.

6: 5 – Grigor Dimitrov's progress! A great development for Grisha, who was behind with 0:40, but managed to record four consecutive points and to have the first opportunity to move forward. He missed it, but in the second he was intransigent and took the rest. Now the Bulgar will serve for the match!

5: 5 – Grigor Dimitrov stays in the set. He achieved his bet to mark the score in the set. It is amazing that he did not give him any point in Quevas, and his service was impressive. The culmination is very close in this part.

4: 5 – Quevas was pushed again, but he was rescued again. Dimitrov brought things at 40:40, but again the service took the Uruguayan. So the voltage is next to our first missile, which must be used to stay on the set. There are still no advances.

4: 4 – Grigor Dimitrov returns to score the score. And again, there is no break point in the presentation of any of them and the equivalent battle continues. The sets enter their key phase.

3: 4 – Quevas did not allow a crack and took his turn again. He led with 40: 0, but allowed the Bulgarian to get closer to a point beside him, but his service took him out again and managed to lead again, although he did not go there There were breaks on the track.

3: 3 – Grigor Dimitrov has equaled the score in the matches. He escaped a difficult situation after losing at 0:30, but showed a clever and concentrated game, managing to record the following four points and bring things to 3: 3.

2: 3 – Quevas also won this game of services and was the most convincing of the set. He gave only one point to the Bulgarian, and in the last play he also used the halur system to record the point of his name and close the game.

2: 2 – Grigor Dimitrov returns to score the score after giving only two points to his opponent in his own service. He finished the leadership with an excellent service to the line that became an understatement.

1: 2 – Kuevas again had a lot of difficulty, but he won his bet. Although now he did not have to save the break points of the Bulgarian, there were many difficulties to take his step through various raffles. But eventually he went and directed for 2: 1.

1: 1 – set of Grigor results in a set. He did not give any points to Quevas and now he is 1: 1 in the matches. The servants of the Bulgarians were simply without mercy.

0: 1 – Quevas escaped by needle ears. He saved three possibilities to move ahead of Dimitrov, and again his first powerful service took him. Even so, he achieved the result, although he was not convinced at all in his first game.

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