Sunday , May 9 2021 | News | (GALLERY) Aston Martin SUV is almost ready! This will be called DBKS!

Today, if the manufacturer does not make SUVs, his chances in the market are very limited.

Buyers love jade, and we really do not know why. After Lamborghini, Maserati, Bentley and Rolls Roice showed their luxury SUV interpretations, now is the time for Aston Martin to enter the game.

The model will be called DBKS, which is already actively tested under real conditions. As we see on official photos, the settings are currently working on the rallia segment in Wales.

We do not know what will be under the lid, but given the successful cooperation with AMG, we will not be surprised if the DBKS is powered by the same four-liter V8 Mercedes-Benz V8 as the Vantage.

We assume that the new Aston 5.2 liter bi-turbo V12 will be placed on the front. In the end, the SUV will be sold at around 500 hp. at over 600. We will not even be surprised if it comes to 700.

Judging by the pictures, DBKS will be far more than a great warrior. The car will be able to go forward, hoping the Range Rover will finally be defeated in such a battle.

We expect the serial version of the car to appear after a year. It will be really interesting!

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