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With 550 leads a month we bought a house, Borisov: we hit badly, we grew stronger


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The co-deputies angry by Cornelia – for the month of March some took less than 100 cams, a sold and housing

Kornelia Ninova does not intend to return the red deputies to parliament at least until the European elections of the end of May. If the BSP defeated GERB, the Socialist would demand early elections. If you do not get more European Members, the Social Party will think of other movements. What? According to sources of Positano, even Kornelia Ninova did not know.

But the left-wing deputies are already silent, but they are obviously outraged by the boycott. They were especially nervous when they received their salaries in March last week, with amounts not only deducted for the month, but also for absences in February.

On February 18, the BSP boycotted the parliament. First of all, the deputies took almost all their wages: an average of about 5,000 cams per person, since the electronic system of the Parliament informed of the absenteeism.


With 550 leads per month we buy a house

With a monthly fee of 550 BGN, you can buy a beautiful house in Sofia, showed Trud's control among banks' offers. If the apartment costs between 120,000 and 150,000 BGN and you have a certain amount in cash, you can obtain a 100,000 BGN loan with the idea of ​​paying it for 20 years. In this case, the lowest monthly installments of the bank's offers on the market start at around 550 BGN.

Banks offer a wide variety of loan conditions when buying a property. For example, the interest rate may depend on the amount of your monthly income and if you want to have a fixed interest rate period. In general, you may get a lower interest rate on your mortgage if you transfer your salary to a bank account. In this way, the bank can directly withdraw your loan quota when transferring your salary. This reduces the risk of delay in payment and, therefore, allows the financial institution to offer you better interest rates.


Borisov: They beat us badly to get stronger

They do not fight against the BSP. They do not want to send 1-2 deputies, but to ruin our alliance and return the BSP, "added the Prime Minister," we ask ourselves what are we doing by removing GERB and UDF? "The people of BSP are not a problem for the people, and still live in residences, Borisov banned the asset during the Eurovision campaign to enter into the" hate speech. "GERB remains the first Political force, even with the mistakes, but they had to show the people that he was punishing we continue working, that he does not do what goes wrong, said the prime minister, saying that his opponents try to return, They have issues that have nothing to do with Europe, and it has been said that he expects criticism of the other surnames of Maria Gabriel and Eva Mayel, but where is the woman, there is the clan, and I am more worried about Austria and Germany, said Borisov, adding that "I do not want you to be a dog because it's modern." The reason for this comment is Elena Yoncheva's statement in the media that her three-year-old son Years, Theo, tells him that "the whore works, than or overtaking Boyko."


Latinka – Orange County of Sofia

Recently, a street with an imperceptible flower name in the eastern district of Sofia has been at the heart of the largest political scandal in the country. Latinka Gate has already taken the resignations of several politicians who have purchased preferential housing from Arrtks at prices not existing in the area for the construction of old buildings. Among those who have gone there is a minister and two vice-ministers, and development is ahead.

Incidentally, larger latinka residents call their new latin-to-go bands, by analogy with the popular "Stolichani in more" series. And they are of the opinion that it is precisely with the construction of the three new buildings of Artks that the appearance of the neighborhood, which until recently consisted of low-rise buildings, had a specific style.


Slan has ruined cherries, plums, apricots

Hanging ice hanging on the floral branches of cherries, plums, peaches, apricots and cherries in almost all the country, the tiny temperatures caused frost, which are deadly. "The harvest of these fruits of this year will not exist or will be very weak," reports Krassimir Kumchev, a well-known agro-consultant. In most of the country, the crop is doomed.

The work of fruit producers is not protected, explained Krassimir Kumchev. "They can not insure their gardens from the damages that occurred before April 20, this is the condition of the insurers and does not change despite repeated requests.

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Tsvetanov continues to be the "engine and soul" of GERB for Eurovision

GERB goes to the real Eurovision campaign with the familiar faces: current European deputies, without giving the voter a sign that will change something, either by the scandal of the apartments or by the main candidates of their opponents . The list of the largest ruling party was filed Sunday by the head of the Tsvetan Tsvetanov prefecture. Therefore, the governors ask that the second person of GERB does not take a step beyond its resignation like deputy. On the contrary, the activity of Tsvetanov shows that he will try to counterattack and recover the positions that he lost after the scandal of the apartments bought by Arteks at prices lower than the market price.

The leader of the list is Commissioner of the EU, Maria Gabriel, after which – the following four places are for Andrey Kovachev, Andrei Novakov, Eva Majel and Asim Ademov. Alexander Yordanov, transmitted by the UDF, was placed in the sixth place. This ends and (in the optimistic version) the safe zone of choice. Next, we find the ex-minister of the European Union, now the deputy Lilyana Pavlova, Emil Radev, who is now GERB at the EP, and Ivelina Vassileva – former Minister of Ecology at the second cabinet of Boyko Borissov, now President of the Commission of Environment of the National Assembly.


Total failure with cash registers

The new regulation of the NRAs on cash registers, which comes into effect today, is about to suffer a total failure, why entrepreneurs still can not apply the new rules. They were published in the Official State Gazette in the last possible moment, the day before the deadline for the replacement of tax devices. According to BIA information of 200 thousand active cash registers, only 76 thousand were replaced. As of April 1, we expect that revenue management will begin to be massively checked if you are using a new sales management software at points of sale . We also hope that the sanctions provided in the ordinance, including closed shops, will be applied to BNR, the finance director of BNS, Stanislav Popdonchev. Because the failure indirectly recognized the ANR, having changed almost all the terms of the decree last month, which further confused the companies, of which 87% were poorly prepared for the new conditions.

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