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World | Why free delivery is more attractive than sales


Why free delivery is more attractive than sales

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Amazon, an online marketing giant, announced earlier this week that it will begin offering free shipping without the need for a minimum amount of consumer for all US users during the holiday season, Markottoch says. Earlier free deliveries were received only by Amazon Prime subscribers, who pay a fee of $ 119 a year. A few days earlier, the Target chain store also launched a free delivery program during the holiday season.

Consumer intelligence research partners reported last year that more than 100 million Amazon Prime customers in the United States spent $ 1,300 per year on-site shopping, almost twice as high as $ 700 a year, spent non-subscribers . This can happen due to the fact that they can afford to pay a $ 119 fee, but they probably like to buy, knowing that they do not have to pay for delivery.

Free delivery is a great incentive for online customers. Nine out of ten people point out that free consumers are the reason to buy more often on the Internet, according to the Valker Sands report, "The Future of Retail". Almost half of them also suggest that spending on the same day is the reason for increased online shopping.

The results of another study, according to Science Retention, suggest that people really choose free delivery at a discount. They probably see this as a more attractive offer that makes online shopping even smoother, just like clicking on a click.

Of course, the process can be two-way. People who want to spend only a few dollars may be tempted to buy more to reach the minimum threshold for free delivery. Without the required minimum value, these customers will not have to pay extra for the delivery of goods.

Tom Kapporaso, general manager of Clarus Commerce, who works with premium loyalty companies, sums up the power of free supply as "combining the power to satisfy the universal drive (getting something for nothing) with the pleasure of universal request (free)." / BTA

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