Monday , October 18 2021

You are married to Todor Kolev's granddaughter


The granddaughter of the great Todor Kolev – Teodora Kuleva, who we saw as the Dra. Albena Voynova to Stolen Life, married the British Joseph Goodwood.

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This became apparent from the publication of the happy husband on Facebook's social network. On January 24 he indicated that Teodora is already a family, write For profiles of social accounts, Teodora has already used his new family.

Kuleva became a very popular face for Bulgarian viewers after having become the role of Dr. Albena Voynova in the successful "Life Stolen" series. In a recent interview, the young actress said she did not want to consider her as a brazenman, when she joined NATFA in the class of Stefan Danailov, she did not tell her that she was a granddaughter of Todor Kolev.

In addition to the career as an actor, Teodora also has very good voice data and gender diversity in its repertoire. Like his grandfather, he is also a jazz vocalist.

His beautiful figure, Teodora, owes its different sports, such as rhythmic gymnastics, riding, stage acrobatics, tennis.

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