Thursday , October 28 2021

& # 39; Anthem & # 39; Still Broken, EA points out 24 hours after informing you that you've solved. Variety


Approximately 24 hours later, to assure fans that the main problems that affected the VIP show of "Anthem" were solved, Electronic Arts now claims that it continues to work to solve these same problems.

"We continue to track the current problems of the Demo Anthem VIP and the team works diligently to quickly resolve", according to the EA support site.

Among the existing problems there are the two main complaints that have limited access to the demonstration: an infinite loading screen when launching the game or entering an expedition and the inability to overcome the title screen "Anthem ".

The company says it has mitigated or solved other problems, including "rubber bands" during missions and for free, a second javelin that does not unlock when it reaches level 12 and some access problems for console users .

Rubber bands were determined to a certain extent after EA "He identified problems in our infrastructure that caused some bands of rubber. We have made changes to our back to improve performance and we will continue to do so during the weekend. "

Chad Robertson's live services chief said Friday it was "rocky" and outlined what he believes EA has gone through, which, he said, was not caused by server capacity planning.

"We have been trying all the game and the platform for several months, but there were some things that we have lost: Real world play often entails unexpected problems. Before sharing details about this topic and what we are still, I want dissipate a comment we have seen: that we had fewer plans for the server's ability. In order to ensure stability, we intended to manage our servers to match the players' population as they grew. In general, we had an excessive ability prepared to increase the population and continue doing it. That said, what is important is that all parts of the game work as designed to meet the needs of the players, and this did not happen during opening hours ".

The problems were caused by several things, divided into three main areas:

Connections to the platform – This was caused by the increase of the players who entered the game when we opened. Unfortunately, these problems were not presented during internal tests. The research is under way, and we will continue to apply solutions throughout the weekend.

Tickets – These are the account indicators that give players such things as their incentives in the preview and the demo access. During the demonstration weekend, we identified an error in which VIP blockers with a specific combination of rights were blocked from accessing the demonstration. We believe that we have solved most of these, but we have additional cases to which we are addressing.

"Endless Charges" – This is happening for some players, especially when they pass from Fort Tarsis to an expedition. We saw it only in isolated cases during internal tests and we believe that it was solved. Unfortunately, the problem aggravates in the real world where the differences with the ISPs and the home networks of the player present a new behavior.

Robertson continued to say that the team continues to work on solutions and then shared some numbers. "Anthem" had more than 300,000 concurrent spectators in Twitch with more than 100 million minutes of view, he said.

"We appreciate the patience of everyone and apologize for those who have had problems entering the game," he wrote. "As a thank you sample for your enthusiasm and for the problems you'll find, we give everyone who has participated in the VIP demo last weekend with a new additional vinyl on the release."

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