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& # 39; HTGAVM & # 39; Fans that pulled themselves up after discovering the victim of the killings and killers

There is no consensus on social media that the process of discovering the one who was killed at Connor and Oliver's wedding at "How to Get Out of Murder" will end up in the final, but certainly everyone feels a sort of way.

Taking a page from the game "Game of Thrones", "HTGAVM" simply could not release slides for a wedding without someone who left. That said: "Murder" has this word in its title and this is only the latest in long-range power if people who killed almost all of our different protagonists.

It is interesting that the main protagonist is the only one who did not kill anyone. Or there was a great discovery, or saved them for the finals of the series. Maybe he'll kill all of!

This murder is concerned over the whole season, and at least it seems that something is justified, if not in the eyes of the law. Who needs the proper procedure when you have enough evidence to see red … and then make a red wedding. But do not worry, the wonderful Connor and Oliver have managed to survive this episode after tying the knot.

The news was not so good for one of their guests, who did not even manage to get in front of Bonnie. And yes, there is also a little hearty here, because she came to a point where she had no choice but to confront Miller for the death of Nate Sr. Yes, things do not go so great on this front, in spite of that they pronounce their love.

However, things began to deteriorate, as Bonnie dismissed Miller and fled solo for the wedding, Nate followed a very desperate trail of evidence that made it quite clear that Miller made a fateful phone call to prison at night Nate Sr. he died.

That was enough to get Nate into such an anger that he escaped Miller almost to death in front of the reception. But, some people are unclear about this, Nate did not kill Miller.

Bonnie finds two people, Nate in tears above Miller's pretense. And after he showed the evidence, and apparently regressed, Bonnie actually ended up with Miler suffocating. Oh, and did we mention that she had Laurel's son then, so she just parked the baby in the snow as all this collapsed.

So, yes, another killer under Annalize's belt, so to speak, and the poor Bonnie is obviously convicted of dying alone. After this, we would still be reluctant to get too close to her. Especially if we have dark secrets in our closets.

See some of the reactions the fans tried to handle this wonderful reception at the wedding, sending the head of # HTGAVM who rose to the top of Twitter's trendy topics Thursday night.

On Nate

On Bonnie

On the baby

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