Tuesday , July 5 2022

A man accused of killing first-degree in the death of missing teenagers filed a court case


OSHAVA, Ont. – The case of a man charged with the first-degree murder in the death of two missing teenagers was surrendered on November 30 after a brief appearance on Friday.

Regional police in Durham say Adam Strong, 46, is charged with the first-degree murder in the deaths of Rory Hache and Kandis Fitzpatrick.

Adam Strong accused of murdering first-degree in the death of Rory Hachey, Kandis Fitzpatrick

Strong was first arrested in December 2017, a few months after Hachey's torso was found floating in Lake Ontario.

The teenager was reported missing in late August.

DNA missing woman confirmed in apartment where remains of pregnant teenager Oshava found: police

In July, the police confirmed that she had found Fitzpatrick's DNA in the cellar of Strong cellar, finishing the search for the 18-year-old who was last seen in 2008.

She was initially accused of being mistreated for dishonest interference in the dead body in Hache's case, but police say the charge will be dismissed in the light of serious charges.

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