Thursday , October 28 2021

Action Express brings Rolex 24 Halfway Point –


Sunday has arrived at Daytona International Speedway and is half of the Rolex 24 of 2019 in Daytona. Teams continue to watch seven hours more of darkness and rain on the horizon, which undoubtedly will have a factor in defining the result of the race.

The control of the DPi class has changed between Acura and Cadillac in the last six hours. Sometimes, Acura kept the first and second without a great Cadillac challenge, and on other occasions the situation has been the opposite.

The conclusion of 12th hour was # 31 Action Express Cadillac DPi V.R. with Pipo Derani on the bench. The 2016 Rolex winner, Derani, took a two-second lead over Jordan Taylor on # 10 Wayne Taylor Racing Cadillac DPi V.R …

In the meantime, the two teams of the Acura Penske ARX-05 DPis sit in the third and fourth part, going from the first and second approximately half an hour ago. Juan Pablo Montoya received Acura # 6 from Simon Pagenaud, and Alexander Rossi is in his second stage at Acura # 7.

The # 55 Mazda Team Joest RT24-P, who suffered a fuel leak during the ten dramatic minutes of Mazda about five hours ago, has returned to the skirt and is just one turn down.

Sebastian Saavedra stays with leader LMP2 at # 18 DragonSpeed ​​ORECA 07 Gibson, currently has an advantage back at # 81 DragonSpeed ​​ORECA 07 Gibson. That # 81 ORECA has Nicolas Lapierre at the helm.

These two cars were joined at the start of the bus stop when # 18 ORECA lost the grip, knocking next to # 81 07 Gibson, both cars suffering minor damage to the body, but they go continue without great dramas.

Kris Wright and # 38 Performance Tech Motorsports ORECA 07 Gibson are in third place, five laps outside the leader.

The LMP2 field has been separated, especially when compared to the other three classes.

Meanwhile, # 52 PR1 Mathiasen Motorsports has once again been part of the race after spending considerable time in the garage after an incident on Saturday afternoon. Enzo Guibbert has the controls and 71 laps behind # 18.

In GT Le Mans, the # 3 Corvette C7.R got in the lead of the class. A great effort from the team that had suffered steering and suspension in the race. Antonio García was in the car when he was left without fuel from the leader of the class just moments before the brand half an hour.

Meanwhile, the Porsche has continued its calm assault on the track, 9.09 Porsche has rarely dropped out of the top three in the last six hours, and now it is taking thanks to the # 3 Corvette problems.

The # 912 Porsche 911 RSR, who suffered brake problems at the beginning of the race, now returns to the race and the main lap, after having moved to the second after # 39 ; a battle with the # 25 BMW M8 GTE that eventually fell to the fifth in class, behind the two Porsches and two Fords.

There will undoubtedly be battles for all positions in the store over the next twelve hours in the class of all factories. GTLM is making up for being the class to watch in this race, with most of the entries still under discussion.

GT Daytona – the toughest class in the race this year – has seen the same set of family faces floating around the first place. One of them is the # 33 Mercedes-AMG Team Riley AMG GT3, who won the Endurance Cup points in the USA leading at the end of the sixth hour, and will do the same during 12 hours.

Two seconds behind them is the # 63 Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 488 GT3 by Toni Vilander. Another second half behind them is third place # 96 Turner Motorsports BMW M6 GT3 with Jens Klingman.

The first 11 GT Daytona cars work in the same pit stop strategy as a result of the lack of full-range fields, the race has only seen eight, as it is already double the total of the race of the # last year.

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