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An average salary of $ 22 per hour must be paid to get a two-room apartment in Canada: report: national


If you get a minimum wage and live in Vancouver, you will have to work 112 hours a week to pay for a decent two bedroom apartment, according to a new study.

According to a new report from the Canadian Center for alternative policies, the minimum wage earners in most major cities should work much longer to rent an average unit of two bedrooms.

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"The rental salary throughout the country is $ 22 per hour for one of two bedrooms or $ 20 per hour for one bedroom," author and economist David Macdonald said on Wednesday.

"But it's much more in big cities like Vancouver and Toronto."

The report calculates the rental wages by dividing the hourly wage that workers with a minimum wage on a full-time basis should earn to rent a flat or two-bedroom apartment without spending more than 30% of their income.

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It also calculates how many hours employees would have to work to pay for an average apartment.

Workers with a minimum wage in Vancouver should make the maximum rental salary: $ 35.43 per hour to pay for a two-room apartment. In Toronto, this figure is $ 33.70 per hour. The report covers 795 neighborhoods in Canada and finds that 31 of the 36 Canadian cities included in the report do not have a single neighborhood where a minimum wage earner can afford a two-room apartment.

"It is really true in almost all the major cities in Canada that, even at the neighborhood level, you can not find an apartment of one or two rooms that is affordable for a worker with a minimum wage."Macdonald said.

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The report uses rental data from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMSH).

According to the report, the rise in house costs affects one-third of all Canadians. And since the minimum wages among provinces are lower than the rental wages of the report, more wage earners are spending 30 percent or more of their income in housing. The results of the report can be explored in the province here by province.

"It's very difficult for someone who works or is close to the minimum wage to find a decent place to live," Macdonald said.

"I mean, we're not talking about Ritz here, we're just talking about an apartment of one or two bedrooms."

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Below is an evaluation of the hourly rental wage for a two-room apartment in some cities of Canada, based on the minimum wages of October 2018:


Vancouver skyline

REUTERS / Jason Lee / Photo File

A minimum wage of $ 12.65 per hour means a 112-hour work week to pay for a two-room apartment.


Horizon of Toronto

REUTERS / Mark Blinch / Photo File

At $ 14 an hour, workers with a minimum wage should put 79 hours for a one-bedroom apartment or 96 hours for a two-room unit.


Center of Calgary

Artur Widak / NurPhoto through Getty Images i

A minimum wage of $ 15 per hour means that workers would need 72 hours per week to rent a bedroom for two or 56 hours a week for a room apartment.


At $ 11.55 an hour, workers with a minimum wage could rent an average two-bedroom room in a work week of 78 hours.


Sherbrooke, What.

Wikimedia Commons Philip Bastarache

At $ 12 an hour, minimum wage workers should work 41 hours a week for a two-room apartment.

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