Sunday , April 11 2021

Apple revokes the Google Business Developer Certificate

Apple would have revoked the development certificate of the Google company, which does not allow the use of the giant internal applications of the Mountain View tour.

The news has been notified The virgin, quoting "a person familiar with the situation," and follows reports that Google used its iOS application "Screenwise Meter" as part of a market research program to control the use of the iPhone device.

Although Google disable the iOS Screenwise Meter application on January 30, 2019, The virginThe source told the publication that the first versions of Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail and "other preliminary beta applications" have stopped working.

Internal applications such as the Gbus transport application and the company's coffee application have also been affected.

A spokesman for Google said MobileSyrup by email that Google is "working with Apple to solve a temporary interruption of some of our corporate iOS applications, which we hope will be resolved soon."

Apple's decision to revoke Google's business development certificate follows one TechCrunch inform that Google used a similar application for collecting data such as the "Research" application of Facebook.

The Cupertino ones revoked the Menlo Park certificate separately TechCrunch Please be advised that Facebook paid users between 13 and 35 years of approximately $ 20 per month to load the Research app on iOS devices to bring together the phone and web activity.

A Facebook spokesman said MobileSyrup in an email of January 31, 2019 that "the key facts about this market research program" were ignored.

"Despite the first reports, there was nothing" secret "about it; it was literally called the Facebook search application," said Facebook MobileSyrup.

"It was not" spying "since all the people who signed up to participate made a clear boarding process asking for their permission and it was paid to participate."

Facebook also said that less than five percent of users who participated in the market research program were teenagers.

"They all signed forms of parental consent," added Facebook.

The Apple business program provides developers with tools to create internal applications that can be installed outside of the store limits of iOS applications.

According to a previously issued communique The virgin, Apple explained that "any developer who uses his business certificates to distribute applications to consumers will have their certificates revoked."

It is interesting to note that Apple's decision to revoke the Google certificate suggests that the Cupertino ones did not go unjustly to Menlo Park and simply expects two of the largest technology companies in the world to play with the same rules as any one other iOS developer.

Although Google has deactivated the iOS Screenwise Meter application, the Android version is still available on the Google Play Store, indicating that the market research program is still active.

Source: The Virgin

Update 01/31/2019 6:04 PM ET: According to a tweet News of New York journalist Mike Isaac, Apple has restored the business development certificate of Facebook.

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