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Atlus Teases Person 5 R, Other new projects


Atlus has officially tested Persona 5 R, which many believe is an improved release of Person 5.

The title was revealed through a short video after a broadcast of the special Dark Sun Person … in Japan. The words "Person 5 R" are never shown, although an official website named is attached to the video, suggesting that the next title will include this new letter.

The teaser shows the Shibuya district of Tokyo, an important place in P5, with screens that show the P5 icon, followed by the message "New projects" and "2019.3". The description of the video clarifies that the new information of this title will arrive in March 2019. It is not clear if the "New projects" referred to by the trailer only include P5R or also imply unadvertised advertizing games, such as a possible game of fight Person 5 similar to Person 4 Arena.

The previous Person's games have had improved releases that introduced new content, including Person 3 FES and Person 4 Golden. P3FES included a playable epilogue to the original game along with several other updates, and P4G brought PlayStation 2 to PlayStation Vita along with new social links and various additions to the story.

The video begins with a PlayStation intro, which suggests that the game will be released for at least PlayStation 4. Many fans suspect that P5R will also reach Nintendo Switch, considering that the protagonist of P5, Joker, was announced as the first paid DLC combatant to reach Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during the Games of 2018. However, this inclusion does not guarantee P5R is coming to Switch, as Joker also appears on Person Q2, which was released in 3DS in Japan.

Some of the Smash Bros fighters, like the previous Cloud Strife, have only appeared in the Smash games without their main titles appearing on a Nintendo platform, but Final Fantasy VII will hit Switch next year. Although there have been Persona spinffs on the consoles of Nintendo and Xbox, all the Main People have been released for a PlayStation console, with P5 on PS3 and PS4.

At the beginning of last year, several inscriptions of Person 5 were insinuated by the new registrations of website of Atlus, with P5R among them. Another domain registered at this time was, which became the official website of Person Q2.

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