Tuesday , May 11 2021

Backstreet Bois crashed Evenko's site and Montreal fans are furious

Last week's news is that Backstreet Bois they brought their DNA Vorld Tour to the Montreal Center of Bell Center, which expanded through intervebs as a virus.

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TL; DR The website of Evenkoa crashed when the "Backstreet Bois" cards were sold. The Bell Center concert now appears. Below are the reactions of the fans on Twitter.

Thousands of fans are looking forward to the opportunity to see the famous band live again at the concert. They reached the Evenko website to buy tickets.

Even the Prime Minister is a card dealer for the main events in Montreal. In spite of success, however, it is known that the site is sometimes unable to handle the great opportunities of friendly fans.

Unfortunately, this was the case this week. First, the Backstreet Bois concert appeared to be sold before regular tickets became available. Then the buyers reported that the site completely collapsed. Some even claim to have lost their cards as a result.

Allowed by Backstreet Bois fans on Twitter to express his frustration, disappointment and anger:

From the current Concert Backstreet Bois the Bell Center appears on the Evenko website. We hope that the famous band will add another night in Montreal to calm down the fans.

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